Supercoolwicked on Her Bold Style

How the singer-songwriter-actor lives up to her stage name
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Supercoolwicked embodies every bit of her stage name. Born Morgan Hutson, the 26-year-old singer, songwriter, and actor fell in love with music in childhood as she soaked in her parents’ discography of ’70s R&B, funk, and rock music and listened to her grandmother sing spirituals. She also cultivated a love of theater, which she pursued in high school and for a time at Syracuse University.

At its core, Hutson says, her music satisfies her inner child and aims not only to encourage others to be their authentic selves but also to show reverence for the artists who came before her. Her debut project, High Gloss, is an ode to her love of both beauty and magazines. The EP features a mesmerizing blend of slow, soulful tunes and upbeat, groovy jams. Her latest work includes “Juliet,” a self-love bop released on local record label Assemble Sound’s mixtape of artists from its 2020 residency program. 

Here, she tells us about her bold style — and about performing at a Bernie Sanders rally. 

Her style: I enjoy the avant-garde. I enjoy the couture. I enjoy the runway looks because I just think it’s so fantastical and we deserve to have them in real life. Like, I really enjoy that Carrie Bradshaw [from Sex and the City] for bowling would be in vintage Dolce and Gabbana. And when I think about style on the stage, and when I think about Black style in general and through the times, it’s always this extraordinary thing. So, I think my style is definitely just about being va-va-voom, full embodiment, and dramatic even on a regular day.

Her favorite creatives: Stevie Wonder. Creator, I should say; not a creative, a creator. He’s immaculate. The fact that he can speak to decades of people, and just be so spot-on and pure with his message. And I love a lot of local artists as well. I wouldn’t even call them local artists — they’re global. So, James, who directed my [“Juliet”] video; Cydney Camp, an amazing visual artist; my partner, Darius Baber; Salakastar, Ian Finkelstein, Sasha Kashperko, Kesswa, Charity — all of these people are crazy. 

A memorable performance: Performing at that Bernie Sanders rally that I did [at Cass Technical High School]. I was in front of all of these people who probably would’ve never interacted with my work. Bernie Sanders was there, he technically knows who I am. You know? I literally found out maybe the day before that I was chosen to be in that thing. I stayed up all night; I whipped it together and even then, things were still falling apart. … But you just make it do what it do. You show up and do the thing, and you just let it come through you. And people enjoyed it, so it was amazing.

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