8 Low-THC Cannabis Edibles for Discreet Relief

For pain or insomnia relief without overpowering psychoactive effects, these edibles pack 5mg or less of THC per dose
petra mints
Photograph courtesy of Petra Mints

For those inexperienced with cannabis edibles, experts say that less is more. Most edible products sold at metro Detroit dispensaries contain 10 to 20mg of THC — marijuana’s psychoactive compound — per serving, a dosage which can create powerful effects that may be uncomfortable for newer users. Luckily, the cannabis industry is listening — more products are available in low-THC dosages now than ever before.

Here, we’ve collected eight edibles — available at various metro Detroit dispensaries — that offer all the health-promoting properties of cannabis with only around 5mg of THC (or less) per dose.

Kiva Camino Wild Berry Indica Gummies

Inspired by the El Camino Real road that winds through southern California, each of these premium cannabis gummies pairs 5mg of high-quality THC concentrate with flavors of wild blackberries and fresh raspberries. To sweeten the deal, they come in a sleek, convenient tin that slips easily into purses or pockets. $15 for a 20-pack at Liv Cannabis, 2625 Hilton Road, Suite 100, Ferndale; 248-420-4200; livcannabis.com.

Petra Mints

Available in flavors like Tart Cherry, Moroccan Mint, Pineapple, Cinnamon, and others, these ultra-portable cannabis mints cater to sweet, sour, and spicy tastebuds. Each mint contains 2.5mg of THC, making careful dosing a cinch. Our favorite flavor for summer is Tart Cherry, which tastes almost as bright and juicy as the real thing. The slim, discreet tin fits easily into a pocket or bag. Pineapple, blackberry and cinnamon flavors available for $16 for a 40-pack at Liv Cannabis, 2625 Hilton Road, Suite 100, Ferndale; 248-420-4200; livcannabis.com.

Terra Blueberry Bites

In a laborious 10-hour process, U.S.-grown dried blueberries are infused with cannabis oil, dusted with cocoa powder, and covered with a coating of creamy milk chocolate to create this decadent edible. Each juicy bite contains 5mg of THC, and the sleek packaging is perfect for discreet dosing on-the-go. The line also offers chocolate-covered espresso beans, sea salt caramels, and peppermint patties in 5mg formulations. $16 for a 20-pack at Nature’s Remedy, 925 E. Drayton St., Ferndale; 248-397-9797; naturesremedycannabis.com.

Northern Lights Chocolate Bars

While each bar of this Michigan-made chocolate contains 100mg of THC, pre-portioned 5mg blocks make for easy micro-dosing. The creamy milk chocolate base, made of cocoa sourced from France, is infused with full-spectrum cannabis oil and comes in a variety of need-specific formulas. Want a little afternoon pick-me-up? The Daytime bars contain 20mg of caffeine for every 5mg of THC. Struggling to fall asleep? Try the Snooze bar, which offers 2.5mg of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin in every dose. For simple stress relief, the Relax bar pairs an equal dose of CBD for every mg of THC. $15 for a 100mg bar at House of Dank Center Line, 26829 Lawrence Ave., Center Line; 833-746-7463; shophod.com.

Dixie Cherry Limeade Elixir

Each serving of this Cherry Limeade elixir contains 6mg of THC for a calming but exciting microdose. Juicy cherries and terrifically tart lime combine with pure clean-extracted THC at 100mg per bottle so you can go at your own pace. Dixie elixirs are also available in 12mg servings and a variety of flavors. These elixirs are made with pure cane sugar and have no artificial colors or flavors, with reduced uptake time, too. Available for $12.86 per bottle at Sticky River Rouge, 10307 W. Jefferson Ave., River Rouge; 313-551-5751; stickyrr.com.

Pot Dots

Control your microdose one dot at a time. These dark chocolate dots contain only 1mg per piece in the candy’s chocolate center. You’ll get your just-right high while supporting Michigan-made products as these candies are manufactured in Landing. Dark chocolate edibles are popular because the dominant flavor overpowers the “green” taste you may find in other edibles. Get 100 Pot Dots for $12 at Butter, 2222 West Eleven Mile, Berkeley; 248-997-4522;  butterworld.com.

WYNK Black Cherry Fizz Seltzer

Hate drinking but love the high? This refreshing seltzer is infused with a taste of ripe black cherries and a subtle 2.5mg of THC. With the balanced ratio of THC to CBD, you can expect a light, but fun, buzz in less than 15 minutes. WYNK has zero calories, zero sugar, and zero alcohol, so you won’t have that dreaded alcohol hangover the next day. WYNK is also available in 5mg servings and in a variety of flavors. $4 per can at Puff Cannabis Company, 11397 W. Jefferson Ave., River Rouge; 313-914-2752; puffdownriver.com/menu.

Chewii Sour Bites

Chewii Edibles is Michigan’s newest and tastiest cannabis edible brand. These gummies contain 5mg per piece and are manufactured by Motor City Cannabites, so you’re supporting metro Detroit businesses with every high. Each pack contains 20 gummies for plenty of time to enjoy this fruity, chewy, light buzz. A 20-pack is going for $6 at Green Genie, 20046 W. Warren Ave., Dearborn Heights; 313-777-7723; geniecannabis.com.

This post has been updated for 2024.