Top Beauty Trends and Products

Metro Detroit’s beauty experts talk top trends and products for hair, makeup, and skin care.
SaltFacials are one of the beauty procedures offered at Margot European Spa. // Photograph courtesy of Margot European Spa

Our feeds are filled with beauty treatments, products, and techniques. It’s a challenge staying on top of it all, or knowing which ones have lasting power. To keep it simple, we asked area beauty experts to pick the No. 1 trend for hair, makeup, and skin care, plus share their favorite beauty tips.

The Skin Care Trend: Even-toned Skin

The skin care experts:

Want to look more youthful? Flaunt even skin. Eliminate discoloration and texture from your skin and using foundation will become a distant memory. FACE’s founder, Holly Cutler, says Sylfirm X is a new dimension in radio frequency microneedling. It’s the first and only device of its kind cleared by the Food and Drug Administration, targeting vessels, pigment, texture, lines, and pores. For stubborn pigment conditions like melasma, it is the first-ever treatment to repair the basement membrane of the skin, which solves this condition in the longer term without the rebound effect of making it worse when in the sun.

A product Cutler recommends to help achieve even-toned skin is MelanaGlow by FACE’s product line, Skin Saint ($125). It’s hydroquinone-free, medical grade, suitable for all skin types, and perfect for brightening stubborn pigment conditions. A multitasking product, it also reduces redness, pore size, and texture. Available at FACE and

Bertrand, a medical aesthetician at Margot European Spa, uses the SaltFacial ($350) to rejuvenate the skin. An FDA-cleared Class 2 medical/aesthetic device, the SaltFacial is a three-step noninvasive treatment that uses all-natural sea salt to gently resurface the skin, aesthetic ultrasound to increase circulation and penetration of topical products, and LED light therapy to effectively reduce the appearance of common concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, sun damage, and uneven texture. It can also be used for corrective purposes to effectively treat acne, unwanted pigment, scars, and stretch marks.

In product form, Bertrand recommends trying Special Care AHA Facial Fluid by Biodroga ($64.50). It dissolves dead skin cells, activates skin regeneration, and reduces small lines and wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types, it also counteracts the formation of pigmentation spots, fades existing spots, and improves the skin’s elasticity. Available at Margot European Spa.

Beauty Tips From Our Experts

Photograph courtesy of 6 Salon

Katrina Malota of 6 Salon says going multidimensional blond or brunette is a low-maintenance look that won’t keep you in the salon for hours during our precious summer season. With this technique, your natural color comes through like a lowlight, mixed in with ribbons of lightness to enhance the summer vibe. Don’t go too chunky with the ribbons, so your hair looks more natural.




Lisa Bertrand of Margot European Spa is a fan of coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant that is produced naturally in the body. As you age, your CoQ10 levels decrease, which affects the skin. CoQ10 supplements can potentially help protect the skin from oxidative stress, counteracting premature skin aging.




Rashida Williams of The Glam Doctor says one way to achieve a flawless foundation application is to evenly distribute foundation across the face with a brush followed by using a damp beauty sponge in a bouncing motion to refine and blend the product seamlessly. Use the same brush and sponge technique to apply concealer under the eyes.




Yin Yang Facial Roller

Holly Cutler of FACE Skincare Medical Wellness points out that you can improve your skin at home. There are many effective tools on the market, such as facial rollers. Using a facial roller is like microneedling but noninvasive. It’s a holistic way to improve acne, rosacea, lines, and wrinkles.





Mario Badescu Rose Water

Janelle Thomason of The Makeup Loft believes in the basics. “We love using waters at The Makeup Loft.” It’s amazing what a water spritz can do for your skin and your makeup. Spritz your buffing brush or face with a facial spray prior to blending out your foundation or concealer for flawless wear. Wet your shadow brush, add a tiny bit of highlighter, and put a pop of glow in the center of the eyelid.




Photograph courtesy of Hudson Styling Co.

Rikki Hudson of Hudson Styling Co. suggests giving your hair a break from excessive heat styling during the summer months. Embrace air drying whenever possible and opt for heat-free hairstyles like braids, buns, or natural waves to reduce damage and maintain healthy hair.



This story originally appeared in the July 2024 issue of Hour Detroit magazine. To read more, pick up a copy of Hour Detroit at a local retail outlet. Our digital edition will be available on July 8.