Contributors: October 2014


Jeff Waraniak

A forest adventure couldn’t have been a better fit for Hour Detroit’s new Associate Editor Jeff Waraniak’s first feature. An avid hiker, mountain biker, and former motocross racer, Waraniak has a long history of playing in the dirt and the trees. “I grew up in West Bloomfield and spent a lot of time in the woods up north,” he says. Aside from his passion for the outdoors, he admires good journalism and strong writing, which he studied as an English major at the University of Michigan. He’s covered food, people, and other Detroit goings-on for various websites. Waraniak is excited to bring his writing experience and hunger for adventure to Hour Detroit.

Casey Nesterowich

Calculus and chemistry may have scared Casey Nesterowich away from a career in the medical field, but she thinks the switch to journalism ended up paying off in her favor. For years she’s heard all about the trials and tribulations of medical school from her college friends, so Nesterowich felt ready to tackle this month’s article, “RX For the Next Generation”. “As the nation’s health care system evolves, it’s essential medical schools evolve too,” she says. “Countless hours of research and interviews went into this project, but the challenge was fun.” And in the end, she can confidently say, she’s fully content with being an associate editor at Hour Detroit.

Martin Vecchio

There isn’t a more odd place for Martin Vecchio to find himself than in a hospital. It’s been 13 years (knock on wood) since he’s been ill enough to see a doctor, let alone visit a hospital. It’s not a case of iatrophobia (fear of going to the doctor) — merely coincidence, good eating habits, and regular vitamin supplements. But for this issue, he spent plenty of time with doctors, both the well-seasoned and those in training. “It was an awe-inspiring experience seeing what doctors are capable of and to see the novel approach to medicine that a new generation is taking,” he says.

Justin Maconochie

Funny how things work out sometimes. Two different assignments for this issue of Hour Detroit were made at least nine months apart, but both had height in common. It’s those unique experiences that keep Justin Maconochie inspired as a photographer. “Thankfully the high-rise assignment was attached safely to earth,” he says. “But the balloon ride set me adrift above the trees, lakes, power lines, and freeways. I floated over the earth in a nothing but a wicker basket in search of great images. I’m just glad I had the distraction of the camera’s viewfinder to keep my mind off the fact that we were at the mercy of the wind and weather.”