Inside a Rochester Hills Home Office and Studio

Is creating an efficient home office one of your New Year’s resolutions? Mix beauty with practicality, says this designer.
home office and studio
Photograph by Martin Vecchio/courtesy of Armina Kasprowicz

Interior designer Armina Kasprowicz, owner of Armina Interiors, adores her lower-level home office/studio. “This space suits me (and my dog, Ludo) perfectly,” she says. “My team is remote, so we mostly meet either at trade shows or on the computer.” Kasprowicz, who’s based in Rochester Hills, says she was very close to renting studio space, right before COVID-19 hit. “But I’m glad I didn’t. I have the flexibility to work whenever I want, with no distractions.”

Beyond the many objets d’art in her studio, including her cherished architectural, cube-like wall sculptures by Kaiser Suidan, one of the space’s special highlights is its accent on organization. Her orderly attributes come with the territory of having to juggle many projects and clients at once. “I’ve set my studio up so that it supports my process but doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics. I believe our environments should create a sense of well-being.”

With Ludo at her feet and a cup of Italian Lavazza coffee close at hand, Kasprowicz does her best thinking in this space. “Sometimes I sit here and do nothing, and ideas come,” she says. “The studio inspires me and relaxes me.” 

We peek inside the designer’s pretty lair to discover everything from the elements that make up her systematized and structured work process to her treasured adornments. 

A Closer Look at Armina Kasprowicz’s Home Office/Studio 

The right light

Armina Kasprowicz’s favorite lighting source is the white floor lamp in front of the desk, from Visual Comfort. “It shoots light up to the ceiling and also onto the desk.” She also loves the task lighting above the table, from Flos. The floor lamp next to the cabinet is from Arteriors and features “beautiful iron — a textural feel.” The table lamp is from Arteriors as well.

In the mood

The designer had a large mood board created by an upholsterer who attached fabric to a panel, on which Kasprowicz pins inspirational elements, from fabric swatches to paint colors to you name it. 

Desk deets

“I work at a desk that’s basic; it’s from Ikea. I love the frosted glass top.” Since the photos shown here were taken, Kasprowicz has added another desk, to create a larger surface. “That way, I can spread out samples, drawings, and more.” 

Reflect on this

Kasprowicz chose a glossy finish for her round table (Saarinen Dining Table from Design Within Reach) because “it reflects light.”  The cabinet doors also have a lacquer finish, which bounces light around the space. More reflections come from the four acrylic Ikea chairs around the table. “I cover them sometimes, in the winter, for a cozy feel, with throws from Outpost Original.”

The white stuff

“I like to use white because it’s sleek, fresh, contemporary, and functional and allows me to see colors that I’m working with,” Kasprowicz says white also creates a timeless feel. “And I can change out accessories easily, because of the white backdrop.”   

Gotta love art

“I surround myself with pieces of art that I love. I’m very visual.” The small artwork is from Serena & Lily, while the green painting is from the Soicher Marin Gallery. The blue vases are from Tozai Home. The black marble disc is from Judy Frankel Antiques, in Troy.

File style

Kasprowicz purchased large wood filing bins at The Container Store. “They’re nice and heavy, and I like that I can place project names on them.” 

Quick change

The designer opted to forgo built-in shelving and chose furniture-style shelving, from Ikea, that has a variety of spaces to hold small and larger items, like wood containers and file bins. “The space may become something else someday, so I wanted to keep it easily transformable and didn’t want to invest in built-in cabinets.”

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