Must-Download Phone Apps for Parents

From making mom friends to tracking medicine intake, these apps were designed with parents in mind
apps for parents
Photograph courtesy of Peanut

Finding Friends

Making mom friends can be hard. Michelle Kennedy, who helped create the Bumble dating app, realized that when she had her first kid and set out to change it with Peanut, where pal-seekers swipe through profiles to find nearby moms with common interests. The app offers pre-written descriptions that you can add to your profile — identify as a “fitness fiend,” “spiritual gangster,” or “hot mess,” for example — and you can also write your own bio. Lonely dads, don’t despair: Peanut is eyeing a platform for fathers, and a networking app called DadOut launched in Europe in March with plans to expand.

Making Memories

For parents who want to capture their child’s milestones but don’t have time to journal (which pretty much covers all of us), there’s Qeepsake, which texts you prompts — like “what cute things do your kids do?” — and compiles the answers into a digital baby book. Launched by a Boston-based couple with five kids, the app also lets parents craft journal entries and add photos. When the book is done, hard copies are available to order.

Digital Doctor

Another time-saving (and stress-relieving) new app is OnCure, where parents can track their child’s medicine intake — something that comes in handy when your sick kid wakes up at 3 a.m. and you can’t remember whether you last gave Tylenol or Motrin for his fever. For kids who take prescription meds, the app — created by a Texas mom in partnership with a pediatrician — sends reminders when it’s time to dole out the next dose.