Best Dressed 2018

Pulling back the curtain on this year’s selection of the region’s most stylish denizens // Photographs by Joe Vaughn // Styling by Rebecca Voigt

Best Dressed 2018

Sean Patrick | Roslyn Karamoko | Chance Richie | Jennifer Granger |
Marc Beshany | Pashon Murray | Sarah Schneider | Golden Tate |
Katie Coleman | Roberta “Robbie” Archer

Each year, Hour Detroit staffers and society writer Chuck Bennett put their heads together and come up with a list. Then they check it at least twice. The result is our annual gathering of who wears it well. This year’s list of metro Detroit’s top trendsetters consists of former Lions wide receiver, Golden Tate, and more.


Makeup: Marygrace D’Aleo, Stephanie Tocco
Hair Styling: Alena D’Amico, Emily Kling
Floral Arrangements: Pot-Box
Mocktails: Jordan Waldman – Frame / Hazel Park
Location: The Society Room at St. Andrew’s Hall, 431 E. Congress St., Detroit; 313-230-2607

 Sean Patrick

Sean Patrick

Occupation: Managing Partner, Willis Show Bar

Signature style: From an early age, my mom had me getting dressed up for church. At the same time, I got turned on to Garanimals [the children’s separates line adorned with animal characters] and learned how to mix and match things. I guess my style is still sort of a fun mix.

Favorite designers and shops: 1701 Bespoke, Costume National, Henry the Hatter, and Paul Smith

On the importance of dressing well: You don’t need to do it all the time, but when it’s done with intention, you get different results. It also creates positive communication. You can express your identity [through your clothing].

Passion item: The accessories. People recognize me from the hats. I like shoes, too.

Fashion advice: Do some research and look at what speaks to you. Don’t be afraid to talk to people when you go to clothing stores. They’re there to help you. And find a good tailor. Sarah Ayers at William & Bonnie in the Fisher Building is excellent. She tailors all my clothes.

On Sean Patrick: Henry the Hatter hat, custom suit by 1701 Bespoke, Klein Epstein & Parker shirt, Brave Gentleman shoes, and additional accessories from William & Bonnie.

Roslyn Karamoko

Rosalyn Karamoko

Occupation: Founder and CEO, Détroit Is the New Black; Lecturer, Wayne State University

Signature style: Street glamour. I love a good ball gown and sequins, but I also love T-shirts and bare feet.

Favorite designers and shops: Gabrielle Chanel and Tracy Reese; Détroit Is the New Black (of course), Linda Dresner, and trinkets from Eastern Market, festivals, vendors, and other small shops

On the importance of dressing well: It shows that you took time to represent yourself in the way you’d like to be received.

One fashion memory: When I was 6, my sister’s best friend, LaTasha, had on a pair of jeans with leather chaps. I had to have them. I became obsessed.

Passion item: A Goyard bag from 11 years ago that I bought when I got my first job at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York as a merchandising assistant. I scraped my coins together and got that bag. It’s real raggedy now, but I still wear it because I remember that moment. I’ll keep it forever.

Fashion hero: Jan-Michael Quammie. She’s the fashion director of Highsnobiety and a killer street-style star. Very unique and very authentic.

Fashion advice: Be authentic. Don’t listen to trends or celebrities. Be who you are. Dress the way you want.

On Roslyn Karamoko: Walter Baker leather jacket, Détroit Is the New Black T-shirt, and customized Amsale ball gown skirt.

Chance Richie

Chance Richie

Occupation: Owner, Mobiliti

Fashion style: It’s two-fold: There is the casual side and the tailored side. I commute between Austin, Texas, and Bloomfield Hills. In Texas, I’m all about jeans, tennis shoes, cowboy boots, and cowboy hats. In Michigan, I like to wear tailored suits.

Favorite designers and shops: Angelo Galasso, Isaia, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tom Ford

On the importance of dressing well: People make assumptions about you based on how you’re dressed. It’s always been important to me for people to take me seriously so I like to put my best foot forward. I grew up without a lot of money, but I had a rich aunt who used to take me shopping every summer at nice places like Neiman Marcus. She’d buy me all these cool clothes every year. It got me used to wearing nice clothes. I think I won best dressed in high school.

Passion item: My shoe collection — I own over 500 pairs of collectible tennis shoes.

Fashion hero: James Bond

Fashion advice: You don’t have to spend a ton of money to look great. Find a style within your budget.

On Chance Richie: Tom Ford jacket, shirt, and pants; Angelo Galasso shoes; Arturo Fuente cufflinks; and Audemars Piguet watch.

Jennifer Granger

Jennifer Granger

Occupation: Co-founder, Fashion X Philanthropy

Signature style: I used to dress conservatively, but since moving to Detroit last year, I have become a bit edgier — Detroit style.

Favorite designer and shops: I really can’t say I have a favorite designer, but Gucci has been taking a lot of space in my closet, lately. Betsy Gould at Saks Fifth Avenue has really pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and try new looks. I’m also a firm believer in supporting our local stores.

On the importance of dressing well: Dressing well can really give you confidence, even when you are not feeling that way on the inside. When I started working, I would always dress as if — as if I was in that next job or promotion. It speaks to your confidence.

Fashion heroes: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The simplicity in their elegance has always been appealing to me. The way they dressed is usually my go-to — especially for important events.

Fashion Advice: Have a sense of what works for you and makes you feel good. Also, don’t sweat it. People will always remember if you were kind, gracious, and genuine over what you were wearing.

On Jennifer Granger: Carolina Herrera dress, custom jewelry by Goldcorp Inc., and Valentino shoes. Hair styling by Drew Edward Friebe. Wardrobe styled by Betsy Gould.

Marc Beshany

Marc Beshany

Occupation: Managing Director, Wells Fargo

Signature style: Edgy. Ahead of the trend — sometimes setting the trend; Respectful, but bold.

Favorite designers and shops: Alexander’s Custom Clothiers for my shirts, Armani, Christian Louboutin, Ermenegildo Zegna, and lots of new and untraditional designers that I’ve been introduced to by Jenny Ouliguian at Dolce Moda in Birmingham.

On the importance of dressing well: You should have pride in yourself. Dress up when you go to the airport like we used to.

One fashion memory: Growing up in Miami, all the kids wore shorts and T-shirts. I wore dress shirts and knit ties with tie bars on the collar.

Passion item: Shoes. When I moved here from Denver, I had 500 pairs. In the last 18 months, I’ve bought about 20 more.

Fashion heroes: Bradley Cooper, Tom Ford, and people on the street who get it right.

Fashion advice: Be courageous.

On Marc Beshany: Etro jacket, custom shirt by Alexander’s Custom Clothiers, custom trousers, and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Pashon Murray

Pashon Murray

Occupation: Owner, Detroit Dirt

Signature style: Depends on how I wake up. My style is an expression of who I am.

Favorite designers and shops: Barneys New York, Christian Dior, Gucci, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue, Saint Laurent

On the importance of dressing well: I’m setting a standard when I walk out the door. Not just for me but for young people, as well. It’s about how they perceive me. My mom is also kind of a fashionista. She always made sure I was nicely dressed. In grade school, when the kids would give me compliments on the things that I was wearing, I liked that.

Fashion heroes: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford

Passion items: Cowboy boots, sling-backs, and hats

Fashion advice: Pay attention to who you are and see what complements that. Be yourself.

On Pashon Murray: BCBGMaxAzria dress. Makeup by Nya Marshall.

Sarah Schneider

Sarah Schneider

Occupation: Co-owner, The Fed; Social Media Influencer

Signature style: Eclectic. Designer pieces mixed in with my regular, every day wardrobe; I like to mix trends in with my own personality.

Favorite designers and shops: Alice + Olivia, Christian Louboutin, Elizabeth and James, Gucci, Intermix, Jen’s Pirate Booty, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saint Laurent, Saks Fifth Avenue, Stella McCartney, Zimmermann, and small boutiques

On the importance of dressing well: It’s an opportunity we have to present ourselves to the world each day. How do we not do that? How do I not dress my best? When I was young, I was always stealing things from my mother’s closet and shoving them into my backpack to put on when I got to school.

Passion item: All clothing. I love getting dressed up.

Fashion advice: Pay attention to things that you are naturally attracted to — fabrics and colors. Pay attention to what you love in your closet and then mix those things with current trends.

On Sarah Schneider: Avec Les Filles faux fur jacket, Alexis dress, Givenchy earrings, and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Golden Tate

Golden Tate

Occupation: Former Wide Receiver of Detroit Lions

Signature style: For every day-wear, I like a plain style — a pair of Christian Louboutins or Jordans, jeans, and a T-shirt with a ball cap. But when I go out, when I wear suits, even when I golf, I always dress a little louder than everyone else to stand out. Kind of goes with my “show-time” vibe and personality.

Favorite shops: For my game-day swag, I have a pretty legit setup. At the beginning of each season, my wife and I sit down with the experts at Cicchini Custom Clothier in Birmingham (Ray Hines and Herman Masters) to design all of my suits for the year. It’s a pretty cool process because I get to see the looks come to life. I always get complimented on my suits and I have Cicchini to thank for that.

On the importance of dressing well: You can tell a lot about a person by the way they dress. In college, I was that guy that had every color polo — and the color of the matching horse as the undershirt! (Laughs.)

One fashion memory: My dad always had his clothes ironed, and matching, and looking good, so I kind of saw it growing up from him.

Passion item: I’m a big hat guy. Every style and color — I have it.

Fashion advice:  Like Deion Sanders says, “Look good, play good. Play good, they pay good.”

On Golden Tate: Custom jacket, shirt, pants, and accessories by Cicchini Custom Clothier.

Katie Coleman

Katie Coleman

Occupation: President and Owner, Bowman Auto Group

Signature style: Designer, meets bohemian, meets preppy

On the importance of dressing well: It’s important to dress well, mainly to match how you feel inside with what you wear outside. Favorite designers and shops: Gucci, Isabel Marant, J. Mendel, Lori Karbal, Marni, My House of Style, Saks Fifth Avenue, Simone Rocha, Tender, Tomas Maier, Valentino, and Zieben Mare

Passion item: Definitely bags. Sometimes my family affectionately calls me the bag lady. I love Chanel, Goyard, Gucci, Nancy Gonzalez, Nina Ricci, and Valentino.

Fashion heroes: I worked for Ralph Lauren for six years after college and he is my style hero. He’s constantly reinventing his style to make it current and relevant. That is what I try to do, mix my favorite pieces with a few new items each season.

Fashion advice: Start with a good basic wardrobe — great jeans, a great pair of boots, T-shirts — then add designer pieces as you can. Style does not have to mean buying the most expensive designers all at one time and wearing them all together. That is too predictable.

On Katie Bowman Coleman: Simone Rocha dress, Marni earrings, and Alexa Wagner shoes.

Roberta Archer

Roberta “Robbie” Archer

Occupation: District Court Judge at 36th District Court

Signature style: Functionality intersecting with femininity

Favorite designers: Gucci, Carolina Herrera, Versace; I have two boys and a full-time job — I have no time to shop, but when I go out of town, I find great little shops. I really don’t do malls at all.

On the importance of dressing well: When I began practicing after law school, I realized how important it was to present yourself properly and look good while doing so. The way you present yourself visually is the first thing people see. When people come into the court room, based on their appearance, I can tell when they’re ready to handle their business. I know when they’re taking themselves seriously. And that applies to all situations in life.

Passion item: I love it all — shoes are my weakness, but I love it all.

Fashion advice: You have to be comfortable with the pieces that you choose so that you can portray whatever message you’re trying to portray and send that message out into the world. Be confident. Take risks.

On Robbie: Feather embellished top and Kay Unger skirt. Makeup by Sydni Jones.