Madelyn Grant and Miss Grit Release Strong Debut EPs

WDET host and ”Hour Detroit” contributor Ryan Patrick Hooper shares what’s on his playlist right now
miss grit
Miss Grit, aka Margaret Sohn, quitely released her impressive, guitar-heavy debut EP, Impostor. // Photograph by Natasha Wilson

Looking for something new to cue up? I’ve been listening obsessively lately to two Mitten State musicians you really should check out. 

Madelyn Grant’s new EP, Purpose, is one of the strongest debuts I’ve ever heard — a must-listen for anyone still chasing that neo-soul sound of the late 1990s, but with plenty of contemporary updates. The title track is a gorgeous introduction to Grant’s sound. Her vocal melodies on the verses are sneaky earworms that you won’t be able to shake until you pass them along to someone else (that’s a scientifically proven fact).

Another impressive debut comes from Miss Grit, who quietly released her debut EP, Impostor, earlier this year. Miss Grit is the stage name of Margaret Sohn, who grew up in the metro Detroit suburbs before moving to New York. There are massive guitar sounds on this record that will please fans of St. Vincent and the Breeders. The title track is a standout, perfectly summing up Miss Grit’s musical mission statement — big guitars filtered through pedals that make them sound enormous while leaving some space for a deliciously fuzzy pop song to shine through.

I can’t wait to hear more from these talented young artists who are marking their mark on the music world.

Listen to Madelyn Grant’s EP Purpose and Miss Grit’s Impostor on iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, and wherever else you listen to music, and read Ryan Patrick Hooper’s arts and entertainment picks for May here.