Sabbath Coffee Roasters Shares the Recipe for Its ‘Mad Men’-Inspired Coffee Mocktail

The Draper is a new spin on the Old Fashioned
The Draper // Photograph courtesy of Sabbath Coffee Roasters

When Sabbath Coffee Roasters opened in Clawson in October 2020, owners Miranda and Trevor Graham knew they wanted their menu to include “unexpected treats.” That’s why, along with a lineup of traditional coffee, espresso drinks, and frozen lattes, they created The Draper, a Mad Men-inspired seasonal mocktail.

“We wanted to offer something simple, refreshing — and let’s be honest — a little saucy looking,” Trevor says. “We knew it needed to be espresso-based and well, on the rocks.” So, the duo decided to turn Trevor’s cocktail of choice — an Old Fashioned — into a coffee mocktail.

The Draper is made with Sabbath’s Ritual espresso, a house blend with notes of pecan and berry jam. “Our Ritual espresso has a ton of depth but offers some really good caramelization notes to the pallet,” Travis says. “We pull longer shots in our cage, so it tends to make the body of our espresso less sticky and more silky, which in our opinion helped when mimicking the cocktail. The mixture of dark brown simple and vanilla helped bring that sugar sweetness that we all know and love.”

The drink is tied together with orange bitters and topped with dried persimmon. Grab The Draper at Sabbath or give it a go at home with this recipe.

How To Make The Draper 


2 dashes of Orange Bitter

Half oz of dark brown sugar simple syrup*

½ tsp of vanilla extract

1 Luxardo cherry

Double shot of Sabbath Coffee’s Ritual espresso (available for purchase at and select retailers)

Dried persimmon

*The dark brown sugar simple syrup is made using equal parts water and granulated dark brown sugar. Heat the water in a saucepan, mix in brown sugar, and continue to heat until sugar dissolves. Let the mixture cool before use.


Add orange bitters, dark brown sugar simple syrup, vanilla extract, and Luxardo cherry to a glass. Then add ice until the glass is halfway full, pour the hot espresso, and stir vigorously. Garnish with dried persimmon.

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