Detroiters Will Soon Be Able to Buy Cookies from a Vintage Milk Truck

Ferndale’s Detroit Cookie Company is preparing a 1967 Divco truck to sell ice cream sandwiches, coffee, and cookies on the go
Photograph Courtesy of Detroit Cookie Company

Lauren Roumayah was unhappy working as a manager of a shoe store when her fiancée Tony Sevy asked her, “in a perfect world, what would make you happy?” Fast forward nine months to today and you’ll find Detroit Cookie Company: a power couple’s booming bakery business.

The Ferndale-based business has served thousands of freshly baked cookies, accumulating over 16 thousand Instagram followers, hundreds of daily customers, and five star reviews. Now, the couple has acquired something new – a Michigan-manufactured 1967 Divco milk truck.

“It’s old school, but it’s new school,” says Sevy, who searched long and hard with Roumayah for the perfect retro vehicle for the bakery’s new project.

The old-school milk truck, named “DCC Diane,” will sell ice cream sandwiches, ice cream-filled cookie bowls, croissants, brownies, in-house roasted coffee, dog treats, and of course, cookies baked fresh daily. Gluten-free and vegan options will be available, along with over 25 flavors like Chocolate Chunk, Banana Pudding, and Raspberry Oreo Cheesecake.

The Michigan natives take pride in their customer service and say their business as the “friendliest place on earth.” Roumayah describes themselves as putting in 150 percent and baking each cookie with passion and love.

Lauren is also not afraid of using unexpected cookie ingredients like donuts, pancakes, cheesecake, or even Better Made Potato Chips. She grew up baking with her mom and describes her recipes as “nostalgia in a bite size form.”

The owners predict the truck to be up and running next May – after about $100,000 in renovations to revamp the interior and exterior, install a picture window, and add equipment for the cookie operation.

The DCC Diane cookie truck is currently parked in the bakery’s parking lot but will eventually be found at hot spots like Campus Martius, Detroit Fleet, and weekly events and weddings around metro Detroit. The owners also plan to expand retail locations to West Bloomfield and Ann Arbor.


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