Metro Detroit Spots to Grab Dinner Early in the Week

Start your week off right with these culinary gems.
Scotty Simpson’s is 73 years old and the place to go for fish and chips. // Photograph courtesy of Scotty Simpson's Fish & Chips

Mondays or Tuesdays have traditionally been the service industry’s night off, but that doesn’t mean you have to cook at home. Here are some of our favorite haunts, as well as tips to find your own go-to spots.

La Palapa del Parian

In Southwest Detroit, a massive trompo (a vertical rotating spit of al-pastor meat) is as attention- grabbing as a shining beacon of light — even if you’ve already eaten.

It’s a signal that a taco spot is legit and must be sampled. At La Palapa — the prep kitchen turned restaurant for El Parian, known to be one of the best and most consistent taco trucks around, especially for al pastor — you will find that beacon of savory meat delight.

La Palapa has become the go-to restaurant featuring the full taco truck menu with the addition of many other Mexican dining favorites and a full bar.

La Palapa del Parian is located at 1633 Lawndale St., Detroit and is open daily. Call 313-749-7143 or visit for more information.

Eddie’s Gourmet

Over 20 years, Eddie Hanna has made an unpretentious Oak Park diner into a delicious destination. It’s clear that Eddie’s is in a league of its own when it comes to the quality, flavors, and overall vibe.

This diner has everything from breakfast and Coney Island favorites to veal marsala, filet mignon, and whitefish. With a full bar and keno, it’s a unique dining hangout the whole family can enjoy. Also — do yourself a favor and order the Hawaiian chicken bites.

Tip: If a trusted friend in the food world says you need to try something, move hell and high water to make it happen. This is one of those things you have to try.

Eddie’s Gourmet is located at 25920 Greenfield Road, Oak Park and is open Tuesday-Saturday. Call 248-968-4060 or visit for more information.

Scotty Simpson’s Fish & Chips

Fish and chips. And not just good fish and chips — the best fish and chips. This classic, wood-paneled family-run operation has been a staple of Detroit’s Brightmoor community for over 70 years.

A meal at Scotty Simpson’s is a journey through time in which simplicity and hearty flavor share the arena with nostalgia and kind service.

Tip: Every time you pass by an older establishment with multiple generations of well-fed patrons pouring in and out, take note and make sure to stop in sometime.

Scotty Simpson’s Fish & Chips is located at 22200 Fenkell Ave., Detroit and is open Tuesday-Saturday. Call 313-533-0950 or visit for more information.

Hamido Restaurant

As many know, Dearborn is home to some of the greatest Middle Eastern cuisine outside of the Middle East. Among a sea of treasures such as Dearborn Meat Market, Al Chabab, and Foul w Fatteh, Hamido is known for its unmatched shawarma sandwiches.

If you ask around, you’ll find that Hamido is paramount in the world of Lebanese dining. As a sandwich spot, it hits even harder.

Hamido Restaurant is located at 13251 W. Warren Ave., Dearborn and is open daily. Call 313-582-0660 or visit for more information.

Saffron De Twah

While the restaurant is nationally recognized as a dining gem, it’s possible many Detroiters have never experienced Saffron De Twah’s warm hug to the palate.

Chef Omar Anani opened this off-the-beaten-path modern Moroccan restaurant several years ago to critical acclaim. Offering affordable, quality dishes bursting with flavor, he immediately rose the bar for Detroit dining, winning over many who may not have considered the city a culinary destination.

When you drive through the Gratiot-Grand neighborhood, the aroma alone can lead you to this brilliant, community-focused establishment and an astonishing meal that’s sure to start your week off with fireworks.

Hamido Restaurant is located at 7636 Gratiot Ave., Detroit and is open Friday-Monday. Call 586-359-6138 or visit for more information.

Le Petit Dejeuner

Breakfast, brunch, and hearty Southern cuisine with a French twist. This Jefferson Avenue institution of taste has been a favorite for many locals on the weekends, but on Monday, it’s even better because you can enjoy the big portions with a smaller crowd.

Once you sample the cuisine, euphoria takes over. Whether it’s the mimosa or the butter, it doesn’t matter. Imagine starting a week off in total bliss, away from the everyday pressures of life.

Not sure what place we’re talking about? It’s the one you may have seen en route to Belle Isle; it’s impossible to miss the smiling folks walking out of Le Petit Dejeuner, carrying loads of carryout boxes and exchanging big hugs.

Le Petit Dejeuner is located at 6470 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit and is open Thursday-Monday. Call 313-725-0257 or visit for more information.

Grey Ghost Detroit

Rumor has it, the Grey Ghost was a legendary rum runner in Detroit during the Prohibition era who hailed from a long line of seafarers. This restaurant’s namesake sets the stage for its classic seafood and other delicious dishes, like sea scallops, mushroom tempura, filet mignon, oysters on the half shell, and more, perfect for an elegant Monday evening.

Head over to this Woodward Ave. restaurant, open daily, for lunch or dinner, happy hour, indoor or outdoor dining during the warmer months, and more. Grey Ghost also offers a variety of cocktails, beer, and wine.

Grey Ghost is located at 47 Watson St., Detroit and is open for dinner daily from 4-11 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and 4 p.m.-midnight on Friday and Saturday. Call 313-262-6534 or visit for more information.

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