6 Local Brands Crafting New Scents for Your Home and Body

Here are the latest unisex perfumes, incense, and candles
Photograph courtesy of Alchemy

New year, new scent? Local makers have you covered. These candles, colognes, perfumes, and incense are the latest releases from metro Detroit companies. Ranging from warm and cozy, to earthy and romantic, there’s plenty to choose from.

Cypria – Alchemy

Using elements harvested from nature, Alchemy creates fragrances that tap into certain memories, time periods, and feelings. The Ferndale brand’s latest unisex scent, Cypria, is a fresh and romantic fragrance with notes of mandarin and blood orange followed by rose leaves, white florals, orris, and oakmoss. This earthy perfume pays homage to the isle of Cyprus, home to one of the world’s oldest perfumeries. $15+, at Alchemy; shop at alchemyslowliving.com and select metro Detroit retailers

The Woman from Michigan – JKM Soy Candle

Taking inspiration from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Jenny Rostkowski of JKM Soy Candles created a new scented candle called That Woman from Michigan. With notes of neroli, lime, geranium, and frankincense, the candle was originally created for Whitmer herself after she ordered candles directly from the shop. Despite being her newest creation, these candles have quickly become a best seller for this Wyandotte company. $18.50, at JKM Soy Candles; shop at jkmsoycandles.com and select metro Detroit retailers

Photograph courtesy of Sfumato

Bourbon and Old Books – Sfumato

The well-known Detroit fragrance company — which operates Castalia, a scent-informed bar, in the city — released its newest scent, Bourbon and Old Books, in November of 2020. Made from all-natural ingredients, the warm scent has notes of coffee, cognac, cacao, and, of course, bourbon. Sfumato worked with local Detroit bartenders to create the authentic, wearable fragrance for men and women. Perfect for cozying up to a fire or a date night at the local distillery. $105, at Sfumato, 3980 Second Ave. E, Detroit; shop at sfumatofragrances.com 

Woods – Detroit Rose

Focused on creating light, noninvasive scents for the home, Detroit Rose released its newest candle, Woods, in November of 2020. The Detroit company does not use preservatives, dyes, lead, or petroleum in its products to create a more natural fragrance. Inspired by a scene in a log cabin, Woods features notes of cedar, musk, and black pepper. $32, at Detroit Rose; shop at detroitrose.com

Photograph courtesy of Detroit Wick

B’z Wax Candles – Detroit Wick

Scent branding company Detroit Wick recently collaborated with New York-based radio personality and TikToker IamCoreyB on his new candle line, B’z Wax Candles. Released in December of 2020, the collection was made in Detroit Wick’s facility near Eastern Market. Scents include The Cure, a lemongrass and ginger combination; Basic Witch, with notes of black fig and sandlewood; and Sugar Rush, a cotton candy candle. $20 each, at B’z Wax Candles; shop at bzwaxcandles.com

Maggie’s Magic – Motor City Candle Works

This Detroit candle shop hand blends its incenses and uses all locally sourced ingredients. Motor City Candle Works’ newest release, Maggie’s Magic, pays tribute to a close friend of the company and its owner, Christopher Brown. The natural fragrance features floral notes and is described as “a light, sheer, spring-like scent.” $1.75 per package, at Motor City Candle Works; shop at motorcitycandleworks.com