Detroit Lions Have Highest Average Likes Per TikTok Video in the NFL

Their TikTok is full of remakes of hilarious trends and shows a side of the players that fans don’t always get to see.
Image courtesy of The Detroit Lions

The short-form video hosting social media platform, TikTok, became the world’s most downloaded app in 2022, and the Detroit Lions have since made themselves known on the platform. Out of all the NFL teams, Detroit’s very own Lions took first place for having the most average likes per video.

Back in January,, the flagship brand for Nasdaq, conducted research on which NFL teams were performing best on the popular platform. They collected data for followers, likes, and number of videos from each team’s TikTok account, and calculated the average earnings of each video from Influencer Marketing Hub.

According to that research, the Kansas City Chiefs are leading the way in followers, and estimated earnings per video, with more than 2.5 million followers and over $2,400 per video. With 1.9 million followers, 47 videos, and $1,701 per video, The Detroit Lions  trail the Chiefs in those areas, but they came out on top in terms of likes with a whopping 244,218 as their total average likes per video.

The Lions’ TikTok feed is made up of a mix of behind-the-scenes videos, players answering random questions, reposts of fan videos, trends and more — and they respond to comments in a lighthearted and amusing manner.

The other top four teams for the most average likes per video were the Buffalo Bills with 180,930 likes, the Kansas City Chiefs with 141,694 likes, the Cincinnati Bengals with 111,790 likes, and the Dallas Cowboys with 88,809 likes.

At the time the research was released, The Lions have 1,900,000 followers on TikTok and are tied for second with the Dallas Cowboys, and the Philadelphia Eagles for the teams with the most followers on the platform. They are followed by the Buffalo Bills (1,800,000 followers), the Pittsburgh Steelers (1,700,000 followers) and the Cincinnati Bengals (1,600,000 followers).

And the worst performing teams on TikTok according to The Houston Texans with just 276,000 followers, and the Las Vegas Raiders, who have only posted 51 videos.

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