5 Metro Detroit Selfie Museums to Snap the Perfect Picture

Pose alongside disco balls, luxury shopping bags, and fancy flower walls.
selfie museum of detroit
The Selfie Museum Detroit — created by mother daughter duo Kelli (left) and Jordyn (right) — offers fun backdrops for photos. // Photograph courtesy of The Selfie Museum

Selfie museums provide intricate backdrops, bright colors, and tons of variety for content creators. However, these photo experiences aren’t just for those looking to build a following. These five metro Detroit selfie museums provide fun settings for bridal showers, birthdays, or those just looking to have some fun in front of the camera.

The Selfie Museum of Detroit

Created by mother-daughter duo Kelli and Jordyn, this museum is as creative as it gets. The pair wanted to create a selfie museum experience that was family-friendly and allowed its visitors to truly express themselves. The museum’s sets are decorated with luxury shopping bags, giant ice cream cones, and a private jet simulation. It’s a great way to get an over-the-top shot without leaving the metro Detroit area. The Selfie Museum of Detroit, 719 Griswold St., Suite 170, Detroit; facebook.com/selfiemuseumofdetroit.

Selfie Studios

Voted the number one museum by Channel 4’s Vote4TheBest in the winter of 2022, this selfie studio does it all! Located inside Fairlane Mall, Selfie Studios hosts special events, field trips, birthday parties, and team building events as well. There is always something new to see when the holiday backdrops come out and there’s never a dull photo when you have an assortment of props like giant spoons and cakes to choose from. Selfie Studios, 18900 Michigan Ave., Dearborn; facebook.com/selfiestudiosfairlane.

The Detroit Selfie Museum

With 6,000 square feet of selfie opportunities, The Detroit Selfie Museum is a must-visit for content creators or those just looking to step up their social media game. They have dozens of backdrops including graffiti walls, LED wall signs, and special exhibits for each holiday. The museum is located inside Twelve Oaks Mall, so stop in for an impromptu photoshoot or come dressed to the nines and ready for your close-up. The Detroit Selfie Museum, 2700 Novi Road, Novi; thedetroitselfiemuseum.com

Good Day Selfie Museum

Created by Central Michigan University graduate Catherine Tolbert-Wilson, Good Day Selfie Museum is an inclusive environment to take your best photos. With more than 20 backdrops and a 360-degree photo booth, this museum helps you create a truly unique photo or video. The museum’s website includes a full list of its selfie rooms including options like “disco party,” “electric tunnel,” “50 shades of denim,” and “wall-to-wall.” The museum offers private events and group discounts, too. Good Day Selfie Museum, 22742 Woodward Ave. Ferndale; gooddaymuseum.com.

Selfie Shop

The Selfie Shop’s sets are perfect for those looking to step up their Instagram content. Private shoots are available upon request, and the museum even recommends professional photographers to ensure you get the best picture. Selfie Shop’s sets are simpler than some of the other museums, with a focus on colors and lighting to make for a unique shot. From vibrant lights to a disco ball arrangement, there’s a backdrop to match every visitor’s style. The Selfie Shop, 996 E Mandoline Ave., Madison Heights; facebook.com/baselfieshop.

This post has been updated for 2024.