Chris D’Elia on His First Love — Standup Comedy

The comedian visits Detroit in November
Chris D'Elia Standup Comedy
Photograph courtesy of Chris D’Elia

Comedian Chris D’Elia has his hands in many projects at the moment. Along with starring in the 2019 film Life in a Year, he has a recurring role on Netflix’s You, serves as host of his own podcast, which is called Congratulations, and is currently filming Army of the Dead, expected to premiere sometime in 2020. Amid his hectic schedule, though, D’Elia still has the bandwidth for more. “I’ve got some other things cooking that I am excited about, but standup is always my baby,” says the New Jersey native, who embarked upon his nationwide Follow the Leader tour in August.

Perfecting the art of comedy for nearly 15 years, D’Elia says he can’t remember a time when he wanted to do anything else. Still, it wasn’t always easy. “I did my first standup open mic in 2003 and then not again for two years. It was intimidating.” But DElia overcame his worries in 2005, when he started performing regularly at open-mic nights in Hollywood. After that, he never looked back.

These days, D’Elia is best known for his ruminations on drunk girls, birthdays, and the NFL, but the material that audience members can expect to hear at his Nov. 6 and 7 shows at the  Masonic Temple will be more personal than his normal skits. “This tour is a lot about my family and how I grew up,” says D’Elia, who credits his loved ones as the reason he became a comedian. “They made me.”

Despite the shift in topic, however, the show won’t lose any of D’Elia’s trademark uninhibited spunk and personality. “It’s still very animated and loud — like I usually am.” Nov. 6 and 7. $40+. Masonic Temple, 500 Temple St., Detroit; 313-832-7100;