Ancor Automotive Officially Opens Software Innovation Hub

The Troy-based automotive company opened a new workspace designed to provide solutions of port logistics, mobility industry and battery solutions.
Photograph courtesy of Ancor Automotive

Ancor Automotive, LLC, officially opened its new software innovation hub in a 2,000-square-foot space within its headquarters located at 2360 Bellingham Drive in Troy on May 11, 2023.

Ancor Automotives, which was founded in 1983, is the leading Tier 1 automotive supplier of data management and label solutions. Troy Mayor Ethan Baker, who helped start the ribbon cutting ceremony, welcomed the opening and said that he was “extremely proud” to celebrate the Innovation Hub as a part of the greater Troy community.

Ancor Automotive Innovation Hub is set to attract high-tech talent to design software solutions and improve logistics, mobility and tracking for automotive companies throughout North America. It was developed and created by Ancor’s CEO, Jose L. Flores.

Flores said that the Innovation Hub will increase organizational needs by 10 percent while also creating dozens of new jobs and addressing customers’ needs in software products.

“As a long-established traditional company and with several external factors like the fast-paced digitalization and the race to e-mobility, we must adapt and stay ahead of this change as a leader in the industry,” Flores said in a press release. “Ancor is here to help all of our clients navigate this change, from battery manufacturers, established OEMs, to EV startups based in North America, as well as our vehicle manufacturers importing vehicles to the United States.”

Ancor Automotive Innovation Hub will focus on launching the Battery Passport, a software solution for tracking and management of information, along with its new product, WEBVIEW, which will provide all the important information and elements of the new batteries.

The Innovation Hub will launch Monroney Editor as well, which allows automakers to edit documents to avoid wasting raw material and improve ordering accuracy, saving automakers time and money. For example, if a customer decides they want to add a roof rack to a vehicle already being shipped over to the U.S., the correct document will be available by the time the vehicle arrives.

“These are examples of the great things that we are developing at Ancor as we are part of this race toward digitalization and e-mobility,” Tom Schneider, Ancor Automotive vice president of Strategy and Business Development, said in a press release. “There is a lot of opportunity for traceability of components and solutions that we are taking advantage of.”

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