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Driven by Tragedy: Remembering the Assassination of President Kennedy

In groups of three and four — many of them older adults — they stop to gawk at the long, black limousine parked at...

The Future Is Electric at Cadillac

The future of the Cadillac brand spins slowly on a travertine marble turntable in a glass building at the GM Global Technical Center in...

10 Cool Things We Saw at the Detroit Auto Show

The 2023 Detroit Auto Show is at Huntington Place, Sept. 13-24, with the public show kicking off on Saturday, Sept. 16. On media day, which...

Jacki Graham Karns on Being a Presenter for the Detroit Auto Show

Born into an automotive family, Jacki Graham Karns was destined to have a love for cars.“I remember walking through auto shows as a kid...

Bodies in Motion: Michigan’s Auto Industry Then and Now

Ever since Charles Brady King sketched his “road carriage” in 1893, Detroit has led the world in automotive innovation.By day, King drudged away, drafting...
detroit auto show

Detroit Auto Show Announces New Experiences for 2023

The Detroit Auto Show is returning to downtown Detroit this September with thrilling new experiences and two times as many brands as last year. Held...

Detroit Grand Prix Makes Its Return Downtown

"Isle of beauty — Fare-Thee-Well,” an emigrant’s ballad chanted long ago, captures a sentiment that is part of the undercurrent as the Chevrolet Detroit...

Ancor Automotive Officially Opens Software Innovation Hub

Ancor Automotive, LLC, officially opened its new software innovation hub in a 2,000-square-foot space within its headquarters located at 2360 Bellingham Drive in Troy...

How Detroit’s Automotive Industry Will Adapt to Electric Engines

The debate is over. The global automotive industry has committed to transitioning from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles. That raises a couple...
Three people standing in front of three Mustangs parked in front of a yellow and pink building

Ford to Debut Seventh Generation Mustang in Detroit

The next generation of Ford Mustang is here, and it’s making its grand debut during The Stampede at the North American International Auto Show in...
Orange 2023 Chevrolet Corvette z06

The History of the North American International Auto Show

If William Metzger, who died in 1933, could return to Detroit in September and mosey around the auto show that he co-founded 123 years...

The Detroit Concours d’Elegance Relocates to Detroit

The Detroit Institute of Arts hosts 120 of the world’s finest classic, historic, and exotic cars

Mobsteel Gives New Life to Old Wheels

Founders Adam and Pam Genei started their custom car company with welding torches and wound up leaders in auto design
Mcity's autonomous shuttleMCity's autonomous shuttle - collecting mobility

New Exhibit Gives an Inside Look at The Henry Ford’s Mobility Collection

’Collecting Mobility: New Objects, New Stories’ opens Oct. 23
american speed festival 1

American Speed Festival Marries Motorsports With a Bit of the High Life

Plus, a look at the inaugural Motor Bella event
The Sack of Detroit

Book Review: ‘The Sack of Detroit’ is Unfair on Almost Any Page

A new history of Detroit attempts to blame decades of GM blunders on 1960s regulation and Ralph Nader
Roush Automotive Collection

Get Your Motor Runnin’ at These Metro Detroit Auto Attractions & Events

No Auto Show, no problem — there are plenty of other local places for gearheads to get their fix

Transportation Post-COVID: It’s Time To Transform Mass Transit

After the pandemic, transit systems may need to offer new schedules and expand their services to thrive

Hit the Virtual Racetrack at The Henry Ford’s New Exhibit

“Driven to Win” covers over a century of auto racing history in the U.S.
The Cruise Origin

How the Interior of Autonomous Vehicles Are Designed

We take a look inside the Cruise Origin