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outdoor activities

City Guide 2020: Kiting, Sunset Watching, and Bird Watching

Lift your spirits with these astral outdoor activities
fishing metro detroit

City Guide 2020: Cast a Line at These 5 Metro Detroit Fishing Spots

When the going gets tough, why not go fishing?
hiking walking metro detroit

City Guide 2020: Shake Up Your Daily Steps with These Hiking and Walking Spots

Shake up your daily steps with one of these picturesque pathways
mountain biking metro detroit

City Guide 2020: Hit These Metro Detroit Mountain Biking Trails

Explore the outdoors and get away from it all

2020 Metropolitan Detroit Guest and Resource Guide Digital Edition

The 2020 Metropolitan Detroit Dining Guide is your best resource for restaurant reviews, menus, and savings in the metro Detroit area.
Give Detroit 2019

Give Detroit 2019 Digital Edition

Good grows here. Meet the locals cooking, creating, and fundraising for the betterment of our community.
Metro Detroit Baby 2019

Metro Detroit Baby and Beyond 2019 Digital Edition

Parenthood doesn't come with a manual. Let us be your guide with 101+ resources for child care, physician recommendations, party venues, and more.

City Guide 2019: Navigate the Region Via Public Transportation

Traveling like a local will surely lead you to fun destinations — and equally interesting stories to tell

City Guide 2019: Dance After Dusk at These Metro Detroit Nightlife Spots

Around here, things come to life after dark. Dance, drink, and make memories in the city that has a nightlife like no other.

City Guide 2019: Celebrate Culture Like a Metro Detroiter

Museums, bookstores, and cultural institutions that expand your intellectual horizons

City Guide 2019: The Metro Detroit Shops That Locals Are Loving

Fashion and beauty enthusiasts are sure to uncover new and unexpected finds

City Guide 2019: Brunch and Lunch in Leisure at These Local Eateries

The food scene in metro Detroit is growing so rapidly that even the rest of the nation has started to take note.

City Guide 2019: Arts & Entertainment Attractions to Visit in Metro Detroit

With its vibrant street art and lively public events, metro Detroit is brimming with color and creativity at every turn 

City Guide 2019: How Metro Detroiters Are Prioritizing Health and Wellness

Resources abound for those looking to embrace a fit lifestyle
late-night food

City Guide 2019: The Late-Night Food Spots Locals are Loving

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are obvious. But what about the fourth meal of the day?
city guide

City Guide 2019: Welcome to Our Detroit

Documentary photographer Stephen Koss scoured metro Detroit to find the people who know it best — the locals