Eugenie and Rathaus Film Announce Winners for Detroit’s Fashion and Film Grants

A Detroit filmmaker and fashion line both receive $10,000 sustainability-focused grant.
ROUGH–DRAFT® // Photograph by Nate Sturley

Eugenie and RATHAUS Films announced the winners of their joint grant initiative last month. Timothy Clark, founder of ROUGH–DRAFT, and independent filmmaker Jofre Beltran will each receive the $10,000 award.

Eugenie, a sustainability-focused fashion organization, and RATHAUS Films, a production company based in Detroit and Brooklyn, established the grant to support local artists with commitments to environmental responsibility and social impact. Through the grant initiative, they aim to uplift the creative recipients in their respective industries and drive sustainable change.

In a two-part selection process, artists proposed their aspiring projects to a panel consisting of various industry leaders.

Jofre Beltran plans to use the funds to produce City, No Motor, a film about those who navigate the city of Detroit without a car. With a focus on residents who wait at bus stops, ride bikes, or navigate on foot, the film explores how these Detroiters fit in on the roads and alleys of a city built for automotives, and how they will navigate the future.

“Jofre embodies the spirit of independent artistry: original, ambitious, raw,” said Kevin Steen, a RATHAUS Films and Eugenie co-founder. “We’re so excited to be a part of his creative development and help bring City, No Motor to life.”

Meanwhile, ROUGH–DRAFT will use the funds to produce projects aimed at enhancing people’s connections to the outdoors. ROUGH–DRAFT dually promotes holistic living in cities and nature through the production of clothing suitable for both environments.

“Timothy Clark’s ROUGH–DRAFT is something we all need: a collection that is both meaningful and encourages us to connect with nature,” said Aki Choklat, a panel member, and Linda Dresner Endowed Chair of Fashion Design at the College for Creative Studies.

In addition to the grant, Clark will receive mentorship sessions over the next year from grant jurors and experts in Detroit’s fashion industry, including Aki Choklat, Ben Ewy, Deb Ferraro, Jen Guarino, Roslyn Karamoko, and others. Clark will also have the opportunity to showcase his project through a special event hosted by Eugenie.

Beltran will also receive mentorship sessions from jurors and filmmakers Alexandra Byer, Shabier Kirchner, Inney Prakash, Diana Peralta, and others. These mentors will provide guidance, industry knowledge, and valuable insight to Clark and Beltran.

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