Meet the Makers: Cream Blends

A Southfield wife and husband put their business chops to the test with a natural bath and body product line

In 2013, within a few months of learning how to make soap, Yolanda Williams launched Cream Blends. It was after her husband Rick Williams, the entrepreneur behind the Burn Rubber shoe brand, encouraged her to follow her dreams.

“When she decides that she wants to do something, she gets it done,” Rick says.

By 2014, Cream Blends, which offers natural soaps, body butter, candles, and body scrubs, secured a deal with Whole Foods. But for years, only Yolanda made the products.

“Every time somebody touched it and smelled it, it was all me,” she says. At one point, she was making up to 100 jars of body butter a week in her kitchen.

Now, Yolanda works on the brand full time as its owner and operator, and Rick is the chief creative officer. They’ve hired a few employees to manufacture products from a 4,000-square-foot space in Royal Oak.

While Cream Blends is still sold at Whole Foods, it’s also available at local retailers and the brand’s flagship store, which opened in February in a Royal Oak storefront once occupied by Burn Rubber.

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