Nebraska’s First Visit to Michigan in the Big Ten

Call it the Corn Bowl

College football powerhouse Nebraska makes its first appearance in Michigan as a member of the Big Ten conference Nov. 19 at the Big House in Ann Arbor.

To put it another way, the Cornhuskers visit the maize crib where the home team hopes to reduce the visiting cobs to silage.

(Michigan State was scheduled to play on Nebraska’s home field Oct. 29, by the way, when the Spartans hoped to chew the new conference members up like so much Halloween candy corn.)

For local headline writers, a new team provides fresh verbal acreage to plow: creamed corn, corn roast, kernels of truth, corny.

Talking bushel baskets, Nebraska has got Michigan beat in sheer volume of ear production. We’ve got them beat on blueberries (“go blue”), which draws another battle line. Nebraska is Big Red — red state vs. blue state?

Forget pre-season presidential politics. In this campaign, the Wolverines are just hoping to make the Huskers’ season go to the corndogs.

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