Southeast Michigan Road Closures and Construction Updates

Get updates on some of the Michigan Department of Transportation’s ongoing construction projects in Metro Detroit.
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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer promised she’d “fix the damn roads,” and it seems like she’s making good on it because it feels like just about every road in southeast Michigan is either closed or under some form of construction.

While we certainly can’t be upset about it — you know you’re tired of hitting monster potholes and feeling your soul leave your body — all those orange barrels make for frustrating work commutes and travel around the region.

That’s why we scoured The Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) construction and traffic information website and broke down some of the larger projects in metro Detroit and the surrounding area in this handy guide.

We’ll try to keep up updated weekly to help you with your travel plans, but before you head out, remember that construction in Michigan tends to be a lot like the weather — unpredictable.


Commuters traveling north of Flint can expect the right lane of southbound M-54 (Dort Highway) to be closed from Pierson Road to Webster Road. This project is expected to be complete by Dec. 2, 2022.

Those who plan on using Vienna Street in Farrandville on Dec. 2 should find a different route as both the eastbound and westbound lanes will be closed for a special event. A detour will be posted if you find yourself in the area unexpectedly.


I-96 in Lapeer is currently experiencing several closures due to construction. The westbound M-24 ramp is completely closed through Dec. 15, as is the westbound ramp to Wilder. Detours are posted along the route.

The right lane of westbound and the left land of eastbound I-96 are both closed from Newark to Nepessing Road. They are set to reopen on Dec. 15.

In addition to construction on I-96 in Lapeer, northbound and southbound Lake Pleasant Road and northbound and southbound Wilder Road are both currently under a total ramp closure until Dec. 15.

Eastbound and westbound M-90 from Spring Street to Brush Street, and northbound and southbound M-53 from Hough Road to Tubspring Road will both be closed on Dec. 3 for a special event.


Grand River Road in Howell is experiencing a single-lane closure from Lucy Street to Bernard Street for permit work through Dec. 17.

The shoulder is closed for permit work on westbound M-36 from Pettys Drive to Fairfax Drive through Dec. 16, and there’s a single-lane closure on both eastbound and westbound M-59 from Lakena Street to Tipisco Lake Road through Nov. 30.


Both the eastbound and westbound ramps to I-94 on 11 Mile and 12 Mile Road are closed for construction through Dec. 23. The right lane on eastbound 11 Mile Road is closed from Meredith to Grobbel Ave. through Dec. 14.

On I-696, the right shoulder and the right lane are both closed eastbound from Mound Road to Van Dkye Ave. through Dec. 17. The right shoulder and right lane are also closed eastbound at Gratiot through Dec. 14, as are the eastbound and westbound shoulders at Ryan.

In addition, the I-696 ramp to northbound Mound Road, and the eastbound I-696 ramp to eastbound I-94 are also closed. They are expected to reopen on Dec. 10 and 23, respectively.

The left shoulder on westbound I-94 at Martin, and the right lanes on both eastbound and westbound I-94 from 12 Mile Road to I-696 are closed for construction through Dec. 23.

Meanwhile, the right shoulder on southbound M-19 (Gratiot) between 27 and 28 Mile Roads are closed for permit work through Dec. 30. Both eastbound and westbound M-29 (23 Mile Road) are also closed for permit work from Altman Road to Jefferson Ave. through Nov. 28.

Over on M-3 (Gratiot Ave.), commuters will find the right southbound and northbound lanes closed from 14 Mile Road to Common Road through Dec. 5. The right two lanes on both southbound and northbound Gratiot from Phelps to Wendell are also closed with a lane shift through Nov. 30.

The right lane of northbound Gratiot will also be closed at Quinn Road, and 15 Mile Road through Jan. 1.

Drivers can expect the left lane on M-53 (Van Dyke) to be closed from 27 Mile Road to 18 ½ mile Road through Dec. 2.

Two lanes of eastbound M-59 will be closed from Elizabeth Road to East of I-94 through Dec. 3. Two lanes of westbound M-59 will be closed from Selfridge Air Base to I-94 and from Selfridge Air Base to Card Road.

The right lane of eastbound M-59 is closed from Card Road to I-94 through Nov. 30, and both ramps to eastbound I-94 are closed until Dec. 2.

Finally, westbound M-59 is closed from Jefferson Ave. to I-94 through Nov. 30, and Martin Road is closed in both directions at I-94 until Dec. 23.


The shoulder of Dixie Highway is closed in both directions for permit work through Nov. 28.

Two lanes of I-75 are closed in both directions from I-275 to Swan Screek Road, and both directions of Nadeau Road are closed at I-75 for construction through Nov. 30.


There’s a single-lane closure on westbound I-696 from Evergreen to Franklin, a double-lane closure on westbound I-696 from Franklin to I-96, and a left lane closure on eastbound I-696 from I-275 to Lahser Road. All three of these projects should be complete by Dec. 31.

The right shoulder on southbound I-75 from Adams Road to 14 Mile Road is closed through Nov. 23. Meanwhile, the I-75 south ramp to 11 Mile is closed through Sept. 1, 2023.

There’s also a single-lane closure on the southbound I-75 service drive from 11 Mile Road to I-696, and a total closure of the southbound service drive from 11 Mile to 12 Mile. Both projects are set to end on Aug. 31, 2023.

Northbound Woodward is experiencing a single-lane closure from Hendrie Blvd. to 11 Mile Road and Maple Road to Big Beaver Road, both of which should be cleared up by Nov. 30. The right lane of southbound Woodward is closed at Square Lake Road until Nov. 25.

Ortonville Road is totally closed from Granger to Wolf Road through the end of the month. There’s also a single-lane closure in both directions until Dec. 31.

Northbound and southbound M-150 (Rochester Road) will be closed for a special event from 2nd Street to Tienken Road on Dec. 4, and M-24 (Lapeer Road) will be closed in both directions on Dec. 3 for another special event.

The right shoulder of M-24 will be closed in both directions for maintenance from Davison Lake Road to I-75 on Nov. 23

Drivers on M-5 along Pontiac Trail to West Maple Road will find both the right and left lanes closed for construction through Nov. 23. Over on M-59, there’s shoulder work being done from Opdyke to Crooks and Paddock to Squirrel Road.

The right lane and shoulder of northbound US-24 (Telegraph Road) are closed from Square Lake Road to Orchard Lake Road and Hickory Grove to Franklin Road, respectively. The right lane on southbound US024 is also closed from Lone Pine Road to Quarton Road. All three of these projects should be completed by the end of November.

Lastly, the right lane of northbound Old M-5 (Grand River) is closed for maintenance from Purde Ave. to Tuck Road through Dec. 18. The left lane on the southbound ramp on Wixom Road to eastbound I-96 is also closed and will remain closed through March of next year.


Huron Street is where you’ll find most of the Washtenaw County construction. There’s a total closure on southbound Huron Street at westbound I-94 and at the southbound Huron Street ramp to eastbound I-94. Both are expected to reopen by Nov. 30.

There’s also a single-lane closure in both directions from Huron to State Street, and a double-lane closure on northbound Huron from Catherine to Cross.

Other construction in the area includes a single-lane closure on southbound Hamilton from Michigan Ave. to I-94, shoulder work on US-23 from Joy Road to Warren Road, and a double-lane closure on eastbound Washtenaw Ave. from Oakwood to Hamilton Street. 


There’s a triple-lane closure on eastbound Eight Mile Road at US-24, a single-lane closure on eastbound Ann Arbor Road from Haggerty to I-275, and total lane closures on westbound Ann Arbor Road to SB I-275, southbound Chrysler Drive at I-375, both directions on Clark Street to I-75, and on Dragoon Ste to northbound I-75 and from M-85 to the service drive.

The right lane is closed with a lane shift in both directions on Ecorse Road to northbound I-275. Meanwhile, the left lane is closed for maintenance on Ford Road from Evergreen to Edward N. Hines.

Harper Avenue is totally shut down at I-94 until Nov. 23.

I-275 is experiencing a lot of construction through Wayne County including total closures southbound at eastbound I-96 and on the southbound ramp to US-12.

Other closures on I-275 include right lane and left shoulder closures from Northline to Eureka, two left lane closures southbound from Six Mile to Northline and northbound from Eureka to Six Mile, and a left lane closure northbound from Huron River Drive to Pennsylvania.

Over on I-75, commuters can expect five total closures: the northbound ramp to Livernois, the southbound ramp to Mack, the northbound ramp to Clark Street, the southbound ramp to Livernois, and the northbound ramp to eastbound M-8.

I-75 will also have single-lane closures northbound from Springwells to Clark and southbound from Verner Hwy to Springwells. There will also be double-lane closures northbound and southbound at Meade St., and in both direction from Davison to Caniff.

Expect a lane shift on the ramp to Mack Ave. with no lane closures.

The I-75 service drive will be closed northbound from Waterman to Dragoon, and Dragoon to Campbell. The left lane of the service drive will be closed from Canfield Street to Warren Ave.

I-94 has three total closures through mid- to late-December. Expect them at westbound I-94 and westbound I-96, eastbound to M-5, and westbound to southbound I-275.

The left lane on eastbound I-96 will be closed from I-275 to Newburgh. I-96 will have total closures in both directions to eastbound I-94.

Westbound Jefferson at I-375, Junction Street in both directions at I-75, and the southbound Livernois Ave. ramp to southbound I-75 are all experiencing total closures.

Woodward Ave. from Grand Blvd. to Warren Ave. and Warren Ave. to Adams Ave., along with both directions of M-10 at Larned and Jefferson, will be closed for a special event Nov. 23-24.

The left lane of M-10 from Forest Ave. to I-94 will be closed through Nov. 23. The southbound ramp to eastbound I-94 is totally closed.

The ramp to southbound I-275 on westbound M-153 is closed through early December. The right lane on Gratiot Ave. is closed in both directions from St. Aubin Street to Warren Ave, and so is the right shoulder on Gratiot at Harber.

The right lane on the M-39 service drive is closed from Cambridge Ave. to Seven Mile, and the ramp from southbound M-39 to westbound US-12 is totally closed for construction.

On M-5, there’s a total closure in both directions at I-94, over on westbound M-8, the ramp to southbound I-75 is also closed, and so is M-85 in both directions from Rosa Parks Blvd. to Griswold.

The right lane on Saint Aubin St. closed at M-3.

Moving over to US-12 (Michigan Ave.), commuters can expect total closures westbound to southbound M-39 and southbound I-275. The US-12 Service drive is also closed at Greenfield.

Also on US-12, the three left eastbound lanes and the three left westbound lanes are closed from Greenfield Road to Oakwood Blvd. One of the left lanes opens up in each direction from Oakwood to M-39.

Hopping over to US-24 (Telegraph), there’s a total lane closure on the ramp to eastbound Eight Mile Road. There’s also a single lane closure between Seven and Eight Mile in both directions. Find the left southbound lane closed from US-12 to I-94 and the three left northbound lanes closed from I-94 to US-12.

Finally, Waterman Street will be closed in both directions from the southbound I-75 Service Drive to the northbound I-75 Service Drive.

For more information, including a complete list of construction in Michigan, visit, and be sure to check out for even more community development news

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