6 Beauty Trends to Try in 2022

From 3D nail art to ”skinimalism,” metro Detroit experts preview trends you’ll see this season and throughout the year

Less Makeup Is More 

beauty trends - Skiminialism - PC Jay Stone
Give “skiminialism” a try with neutral base makeup and a pop of color on your lips. // Photograph courtesy of Jay Stone

The idea of “skinimalism” espouses minimal base makeup or the appearance of minimal base makeup. Skin care products are often used in lieu of heavy layers of makeup, producing a look that emphasizes the skin’s natural tone and texture.

Licensed cosmetologist Kiara Binion, of Southfield’s A Blossomed You, says people are investing more in their natural skin and beauty. When it comes to the “skinimalist” look, Binion focuses on skin care first and foremost. The makeup process is short and quick — Binion uses primer, minimal concealer, and foundation, if necessary. Her favorite products include the Aveda Botanical Kinetics line. To add a little pop, Binion uses MAC lipsticks, including the brand’s Ruby Woo shade. 

“I think brands will be launching more items that include skin care benefits and also promote natural beauty and body positivity,” Binion says. “Huda Beauty’s new products align with being your true, enhanced self.” Her top picks from Huda Beauty are the Face Gloss Highlighting Dew and the Depuffing & Sculpting Roller from the Rose
Quartz collection. 

Aprés Gel-X Extensions 

beauty trends - Aprés Gel-X - PC John Tran : Aprés Nail
Local nail technician Bea Naud considers Aprés Gel-X to be a healthier alternative to regular acrylics. // Photograph courtesy of John Tran, Aprés Nail

Jenessa Davis, founder of Faness Nails in Southfield, uses Aprés Gel-X extensions — a soft gel nail extension applied on nails that requires no filling and is easy to soak off — on her clients and says it’s the future of nail extensions. Other bonuses: There is no dust, odor, or damage caused to your real nails. 

Bea Naud, a licensed nail technician working out of Faness Nails, says she uses Aprés Gel-X because it is healthier and longer lasting than regular acrylics. “I’ve been using this system for over three years, and I believe it’s revolutionized the world of nail art by allowing the technician to save time and give clients a flawless base on which to visualize their nail art dreams,” Naud says. “I really enjoy it when a client comes in with inspiration they’ve pulled from art, photography, fashion, [or] interior design. It’s always the most fun when I can collaborate with my client to create something that hasn’t been done before, rather than trying to recreate a trendy Pinterest-style nail photo.” 

The Natural Unnatural Brows

The pandemic has made eyes and eyebrows the main priority, as they’re the only features visible over our masks. Deja Wharton, a makeup artist at The Beat Lounge in Ferndale, says eyebrow extensions will become more popular this year, as people strive to “create fuller and natural brows.” Wharton specializes in soft-glam makeup looks — glowy, with soft eyes and natural brows. Eyebrow extensions are achieved by gluing mink or synthetic hair to the eyebrows and the surrounding skin. This enhances the volume, thickness, and tint of the brows. “No one in Detroit is doing them now, that I know of,” Wharton says. “That’s why I think they will become popular this year. Detroit is never too far behind in getting hip to things.”

Mismatched Nails 

beauty trends - Mismatched Nails : Aprés Gel-X - PC Jenessa Davis
Mismatched nails are in, according to Jenessa Davis, founder of Faness Nails. // Photograph courtesy of Jenessa Davis

When it comes to nail designs, abstract and mix-and-match nails continue to dominate. “It can be customized to the client’s desires,” Davis says. “It gives character by having different nail colors and designs on each individual nail, allowing clients to showcase a combination of different patterns.” So far, Davis’ favorite design she has done for a client featured a combination of patterns including alligator skin print, a lava lamp effect, and abstract floral shapes. “I love how vibrant and contrasting they are,” she says. 

From Natural to Shaggy

Brandon Curtis, owner of House of B, inside of Royal Oak-based Broadway Salon Studios, says natural hair is being embraced. “As the [Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair] Act (a law that prohibits discrimination based on hairstyle and hair texture) is passed in more states — and soon hopefully, the entire country — more people are showing the beauty of their natural hair,” Curtis says.

Curtis says protective styles for curly and coily hair, such as locs, twists, box braids, and Fulani braids, will trend in 2022. His go-to hair care brand for those hair types is Mizani. “All of their products are labeled with the type of hair they work best with,” Curtis says. “This makes it easy for the consumer to find their best match. The conditioning and control that they give to natural hair is incredible.”

The shag haircut, which first became popular in the ‘70s, has returned in recent years. “We’ll see more modern versions of the shag in 2022,” Curtis says. “I love this cut because it can be tailored specifically to each client. The design of the fringe and face-framing layers can be changed to frame any face shape.”

Lash Extensions: Keeping It Simple

beauty trends - Lash Extensions - PC Lavinia Eisa : Rose Blush LLC
Simple lash extensions can still make a statement. // Photograph courtesy of Lavinia Eisa, Rose Blush LLC

Kay Bailey, founder of Winsome Beauty in Warren, says lash extensions do not always have to be bold to make a statement. Simple extensions, typically known as “classics,” can create an everyday glam look without makeup. 

Metro Detroit-based lash technicians Djanali Lash & Beauty, Jaiwinked Lash Extensions, and Rose Blush LLC are some of Bailey’s favorites. “I appreciate the three brands for encouraging new artists to do what’s best for their clients’ lash health,” Bailey says. “Not all [lash] trends are the safest.” Each client is different. Bailey says lash techs must consider the isolation, length, density, and dimensions of each set. When lash techs do not follow those rules, they are putting their clients at risk of premature shedding of natural eyelashes or even eyelash loss. 

This story is part of the March 2022 issue of Hour Detroit. Read more in our digital edition