Dress Up: 8711 Showroom Offers Creative Space for Stylists

Daun Green has used the skills she’s learned in the fashion industry to create a space for other stylists to succeed.
Daun Green sits at 8711 Showroom among her curated collection of exclusive garments from local designers and brands, all of which are available to rent and purchase. // Photograph by Chuk Nowak.

When Daun Green was a teenager growing up on Detroit’s west side during the early aughts, she loved helping friends pick out their homecoming dresses and going-out attire. Two decades later, she is not only a successful self-taught wardrobe stylist but the owner of a recently opened wardrobe leasing company in one of her hometown’s historic locations.

Green debuted 8711 Showroom last August, within the Bagley Mansion on East Jefferson Avenue. The showroom offers exclusive garments and accessories for film projects, fashion shows, photoshoots, and more for stylists to rent — all curated by Green. The space can also be rented out for client fittings and pop-up shops.

“I know what it is like to be a model, I know what it is [like] to work with a designer, and although I don’t design, I have worked in fashion shows as a wardrobe stylist, just showing collections or different pieces I have thrifted,” Green says. “So, [I’m] taking all of those different aspects and giving people a luxurious experience.”

Photograph by Chuk Nowak.

Indeed, Green boasts an impressive resume of well-attended fashion shows that she’s produced and successful indie movies she’s styled for. But before all of that, Green learned the ins and outs of wardrobe styling, modeling, and show production while participating in Detroit’s Walk Fashion Show. Green took those skills and, in 2013, started her own business, Dusk ’Til Daun, through which she does wardrobe styling, image consulting, and show production. One of Green’s most anticipated events was the What’s Next DTD? pop up fashion show that she produced several times between 2018 and 2020. The show took over spots like Pareik Gallery, the Detroit Zoo, and even Coleman A. Young International Airport. Also during that time, Green served as the head of wardrobe for local film production company A-Line Cinema, the brainchild of cinematographer Beasy Jones.

When it comes to 8711 Showroom, Green lovingly describes it as “big in character but intimate in size.” In the front room, she holds consultations with wardrobe stylists to learn more about their projects and how best to assist them. Pop-up shops and fittings are also held there. The back room is where Green displays her inventory on several mounted garment racks. The fully stocked kitchen, which is also available to rent, is located there, too.

Green curates one-of-one items and pieces from past collections — with a focus on couture and streetwear apparel and accessories — by emerging designers and brands based in and around Detroit. Diane Berry Fashions, Lucania Lavish Couture, Sicarra Black, The Standard Detroit, K. Walker Collective, William Palmer Homme, LifeLine Brand, and G Culle are just some of the designers and brands that 8711 Showroom offers, and Green says new inventory comes in daily. All items are also available for anyone (not just stylists) to purchase — so long as they are not already reserved for a client.

Photograph by Chuk Nowak

“When people come in, the whole vibe for 8711 is to feel welcome, to find exclusive designs, and to know that whatever battle you were facing out there — when it comes to pulling the pieces that you want as a wardrobe stylist — that we have it here,” Green says.“You’re welcome to look around, ask me any questions, and pick my brain because that’s what I’m here for.”

Helping fellow wardrobe stylists avoid the obstacles she’s faced is the main reason Green created 8711 Showroom. When she was building her brand in the early 2010s, Green recalls how difficult it could be to find shops and designers to source items from. (These days, Green says, the evolution of social media platforms like Instagram has made people and brands much more accessible.) Green also wanted to provide a resource for wardrobe stylists to quickly rent items from if their original plans fell through, as well as a space to hold fittings so stylists wouldn’t have to rely on their own homes or an unconventional locale, which could add stress to their project.

Transporting expensive inventory can also be an issue for stylists. Green herself has “had over $7,000 worth of inventory in my car, driving around, filled to the top of my car. So, I’m glad that we have this place.”

Photograph by Chuk Nowak

As for 2023’s outlook, Green would love to bring rare collections and items from renowned luxury brands like Chanel and Christian Dior to 8711 Showroom. On the mentoring side, Green meets with students at University Prep Art & Design High School in Detroit — encouraging them to explore opportunities within the city’s fashion industry — and she hopes to host workshops at the showroom that teach emerging wardrobe stylists the basics of the job.

And, if we’re lucky, Green will produce just one more fashion show — but she makes no promises. She claims her Men’s Fashion Show event presented at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant last May was her final production.

“I just want to tell anybody that’s out there working a 9-to-5 and is also pursuing a career
that nothing is instant gratification,” Green says of what she’s learned during her entrepreneurial journey. “Sometimes, you might miss a nail appointment, you might miss a hair appointment. But what you’re not going to miss out on is the opportunity that you are destined to have if you do follow your dreams.”

8711 Showroom is located at 2921 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit. Visit 8711showroom.com for more information. 

This story is from the January 2023 issue of Hour Detroit magazine. Read more in our digital edition