Model & Creative Director Monique Pour Works Her Magic On and Off Camera

In this month’s MI Style, the local creative talks her personal style and career
Monique Pour
Monique Pour poses at coworking space Bamboo Detroit, wearing a suit from local boutique Shy vs Bold. 

When it comes to modeling, Monique Pour considers herself a “shape-shifter.” The Liberian-born 23 year old started modeling at age 14 and has since gone on to do a range of commercial, editorial, and runway work. But she says it wasn’t until she moved to Detroit, around 2017, that she got serious about it. 

In addition to working with brands and photographers local to the Motor City, Pour has modeled in New York and Chicago and was signed to A.I. Model Management, in 2020. She also made a cameo in Vogue, last year, modeling a look from Deviate’s fall 2021 collection, for an online story about the Detroit-based unisex brand.

When she’s not posing for the camera or serving looks on the runway, Pour is helping the next generation of models build their own portfolios and find agency placement, through her budding creative agency, Buzz Files (which Pour plans to officially launch this spring), and serving as chief operating officer of Click, a new mobile search engine that allows freelancers and entrepreneurs alike to connect, set up portfolios, and book jobs directly on the app. 

Here, she dishes on her own look and provides some insight into her modeling career.

My personal style is … Dependent on my mood, honestly. I don’t think I identify with one thing. Some days you can see me in some [Air Force] 1s, baggy pants, and an oversized sweater. The next, you can see me wearing leather pants and heels.

My signature look is … Very minimal, as far as makeup and jewelry. I like to have all the attention on my cheekbones and my face, so everything is super clean.

My favorite local shops/brands: First one is Deviate. I love them; they’re so amazing. Bare by Shanna has the most awesome loungewear. The jewelry company Vajzë, I love working with
[the owner, Valentina Juncaj]. Also, Zayd Collection, Haus of Sy, Down to the Wire, and Apparrallel — I really like them, too.

A memorable modeling experience: A recent one would be the Maison Black show [last October, in Detroit]. It was so crazy because just walking out on the runway, I could feel the crowd. And getting interviewed afterwards, and being called “that girl,” … and being referred to as Naomi Campbell. It made me think, “Wow, that must mean I have something here. I just have to keep working at it.”

My tips for posing: One thing I would say is very important is understanding what the concept is. Once you understand the concept, you’re better able to embody the character. It’s like acting, in a way. You’re not there for the camera; the camera is there for you. So, constant movement is key.

Who inspires my creative process: [Model and actor] Alyssia Rogers; she’s my mentee. We’ve been working together for a year, and seeing her grow has been very inspiring. Other creatives who inspire me are [photographers] Dionta Jones, Sarah Fleming, and Alessandro [Uribe-Rheinbolt] — they are all on the Buzz Files team. Their art, their photography just tells a story, and you can tell that they are aiming toward shooting things with substance and meaning.

What’s on my playlist: Steve Lacy, Rihanna, Slim Thug, Beyoncé, and Tyler the Creator. Mostly Rihanna though — a lot of Anti vibes.

New year, new … Blessings. 

Follow Monique Pour on Instagram at @buzzcutmo.

This story is featured in the January 2022 issue of Hour Detroit magazine. Read more stories in our digital edition. And click here for more MI Style.