Allergies, Animal Crackers, and the Alma Mater

Letter From the Editor

Ever notice how things grab your attention? Say your house needs shingles. You start to take more notice of neighboring roofs. Buy a red car; every red car on the road jumps out at you.

Maybe it’s because of our annual “Top Docs” issue, but I’ve been stopping to read a lot more medical stories. I came across a very weird one: Apparently the bite from a bug called the Lone Star Tick can make you allergic to red meat. Seriously? And not just a mild reaction; some folks actually land in the hospital. I hope one doesn’t evolve that makes you allergic to coffee … some of us might find they have an even tougher time meeting deadlines.

We also received a press release from Emagine Theatres. They’re working with Henry Ford Health Systems to develop a “GoodE Box” to sell at the movies. Think of it as a healthy McSnack — you even get a toy! But offering animal crackers instead of candy bars can help steer kids away from high-fat foods. They also have a Henry Ford healthy living “app” that includes promoting five daily servings of fruit and veggies.

There’s another way to get your greens — doctor’s orders. Dorothy Hernandez reports on a program that lets physicians prescribe fruits and vegetables instead of pills. She also explores how local hospitals have gained “Baby-Friendly” designations through programs to promote breast-feeding.

Unhealthy ways — coupled with the aging population of both physicians and their patients — are giving rise to an impending doctor shortage. To help combat this problem, my alma mater Oakland University started a new medical school with Beaumont Health System a few years ago. Associate Editor Casey Nesterowich visits the soon-to-be doctors from the school’s first graduating class. Think of them as “Top Docs in Training.”

Then check out today’s Top Docs — our annual list of doctors who have been voted by their peers as the best in specialties from addiction medicine to urology.

October also signals a time to change seasons. Jeff Waraniak, our new associate editor, literally jumped right into the job by visiting the West Bloomfield Adventure Park for a zip-line ride through the forest. But you don’t have to climb trees to enjoy them. We take a fall color tour on a balloon ride that skirts Michigan’s hardwood forests. And for a “penthouse view” of metro Detroit see how one condo owner moved up in the world, so to speak, and remodeled his Southfield high-rise.

Sure seasonal change brings cooler weather — but that means apple harvest time and football are here, too. Another reason to celebrate the downward trend in temperature? The mosquitos — and scary ticks — are less active.

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