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Praise us or pan us, but just put it down in words. Bravos or boos, we want to hear from you.

Eulogies for Elaine

(Editor’s Note: When Detroit-born Broadway star Elaine Stritch died in July, we posted a story from our April 2014 issue in which George Bulanda and Jenny Risher visited Stritch just after her 89th birthday. Below are just a few comments.)

// She attended Sacred Heart Academy with my aunt … Graduating class of 13 girls. My mom said she was always a hoot and had great legs!!
— Maggie Oswald

// Just watched the recent documentary on her, it was amazing. What a hoot.
— Shery Cotton

Passion for Pancit

Kudos to Dorothy Hernandez (“From Passion to Pop-up,” August 2014). It brought back memories of being a U.S. Navy cook and working with Navy Filipino Culinary Specialists. I am proud of myself for knowing what pancit and adobo are, because my Filipino bosses introduced me to it (and bestowed a life-long nickname that is actually a mispronunciation of my last name). I will be on the lookout for an opportunity to visit Ms. Hernandez’ next event. Now excuse me while I run out and search for pancit.
— Det Mi Man via Facebook

Fahle Farewell

(Editor’s note: Craig Fahle has left WDET. He was also a contributor to Hour Detroit. His last article for us was about political ads [“They’re Baaaack,” August 2014]. The following was posted on our Facebook page. Yes, we’ll miss him, too.)

I understand that Craig is leaving his show to do some important work, but I hope they put a show in its place that has the same focus. His show was the only line of information I had on what was going on in local politics.
— Doug Evans

More Trafficking Talk

Thanks for addressing “Forced Labor” in the July issue. The need for more exposure about human trafficking has long been recognized by the National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Detroit section. NCJW supports legislation to create more awareness.
— Edie Broida

Shear Joy

Your cover (“Detroit’s Changing Social Fabric,” July 2014) has a barber shear sold by my father’s company (Motor City Barber Supply on Gratiot). The shear was made by the Prosperity Shear Co. and stamped for my dad.
— James G. Timpa