Contributors: July 2018

Hour Detroit, July 2018

Richard Bak

Freelancer Richard Bak reminds us how the Detroit Tigers’ feel-good championship season of 1968 played out during one of the most turbulent years in American history. “At times, it seemed like the whole world was unraveling,” says Bak, who was 14 and living in a rapidly changing neighborhood in northwest Detroit. “We were just coming off a year of riots when Rev. King and Bobby Kennedy were gunned down in the spring. It was the bloodiest year of the Vietnam war and police were pounding on hippies in the streets of Chicago on prime-time TV,” he says. “A lot of us were waiting for Detroit to explode again. Did Mickey Lolich and Willie Horton save the city? Certainly not in the long run. But the ’68 Tigers were a wonderful diversion in a time of great division.”

EE Berger

Last year’s summer beach entertaining shoot was one of EE Berger’s favorite projects of 2017, so she jumped at the chance to do it again for this issue. Not to mention, a spring day on a boat with a great team and pretty food sounded like a day well spent. When not capturing food and lifestyle images, Berger is working on her house and garden in Detroit’s East English Village with her husband, Chris, and preparing for their first baby due at the end of July.

Lakshmi Varanasi

Lakshmi Varanasi is Hour Detroit’s new associate editor. A Wisconsin native, she graduated from Yale with a degree in history, and also wrote for several on-campus publications. After college, she moved to Washington, D.C. where she worked for outlets like Slate and Politico covering everything from hoverboard bans to the publishing industry. Her interests include the politics of food, multimedia art, and literature of the diaspora. She’s passionate about chocolate cake and is excited about sampling all the varieties offered by Detroit’s up-and-coming restaurant scene.

Dorothy Hernandez

Whether she is trying a new restaurant with friends or staying up all night testing recipes for her pop-up restaurant Sarap Detroit, Dorothy Hernandez lives and breathes food. She was thrilled to take on this month’s outdoor entertaining assignment because it features two of her favorite things: brunch and boats. She enjoyed playing around with different combinations but didn’t appreciate the weight gain from the carb overload testing toasts. “I don’t even want to think about all the bread I’ve eaten in the past month,” she says, adding that the key to the perfect toast is finding the right balance of textures and flavors. The former Hour Detroit managing editor has contributed to NPR, Midwest Living magazine, Eater, and other food-focused outlets.

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