Letters from Readers: September 2012

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The Chop Was Tops

Obviously, Chris Cook never ate at the [original] London Chop House, as I did for 30 years [“Well-done Nostalgia,” July 2012]. It was the best restaurant in Detroit, bar none — as good or better than any in New York, which I commuted to weekly.

— Edward Reizen, West Bloomfield Township

To Her Taste

I really enjoyed this article [“Feeding Detroit’s Future,” July 2012]. It was inspirational. Great job. Would love to read more articles about local entrepreneurs doing things in Detroit.

— Jennifer Woodward, Detroit (via Facebook)

Easy As Pie

What a beautiful-looking article [“Patio Pie,” July 2012]. I just bought some dough (next time, I’ll make it) and I plan to try this. Love pizza on the grill.

— Jennifer Field; Eliot, Maine (via hourdetroit.com)

Talent Show

Wonderful article [“Family Act,” July 2012] about three extraordinarily talented and dedicated individuals.

— Bert Silverberg; Cranston, R.I. (via hourdetroit.com)


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