Top Docs 2019: Exploring the Medical Milestones of Aging in Metro Detroit

Doctors on the 2019 list weigh in on the most common medical concerns that arise within each phase of life

aging metro detroit top docs 2019

An interminable circle of life moves all of us from birth to death. And somehow, the majority of us are making it through each stage of life just fine. However, it’s normal to have questions even when things don’t seem drastically out of the ordinary. Is my child getting the right vaccinations? Is insomnia common for my age?

The point is, aging is complicated. Even when those who are hitting clinical milestones have questions about whether or not they are on track, what about the individuals who may not be progressing by those norms? Hour Detroit set out to investigate the process of growing up and growing older in metro Detroit. We turned to an ensemble cast of medical professionals to help demystify the life stages: from conception to end of life. Every doctor spotlighted in this package is the top-vote getter in their respective specialty — which runs the gamut from pediatrics to nephrology, gastroenterology to geriatrics, and more. If you have a pressing query on neonatal care, childhood asthma, mid-20s irritable bowel syndrome, prostate cancer, or another age-related issue that’s been bothering you, chances are, you’ll find the answer here.

In our 2019 Top Docs feature, our team is also honoring our Excellence in Care winners. Over the past few months, we asked each health system in the area to nominate an extraordinary medical case executed by their staff in the past year. These cases have demanded interdisciplinary collaboration, a pioneering application of new medical technology, a rare diagnosis and treatment, a revolutionary advancement in medical research, or a noteworthy community outreach initiative, just to highlight a few examples. Some of the winners have organized free cardiology exams for the community, instituted neonatal care units focused on minimizing neurological complications, revived an electrocuted patient, and the list goes on. Throughout the month of October, visit to read about the doctors and teams that took medical care to new heights in our region in 2019.

Plus! The 2019 Top Doctors List

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