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Keeping Your Pets Healthy on Thanksgiving

THE food holiday is almost here, and you can probably already taste the turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberries, rolls, and other classic...

Stories From Metro Detroit’s Top Doctors: Dr. Jason Pasley | 2022 Excellence in Care...

Dr. Jason Pasley is one of three honorees in Hour Detroit's Excellence in Care Awards. See the full list of Top Docs here.Video shot...

Stories From Metro Detroit’s Top Doctors: Dr. Andrew Pruitt | 2022 Excellence in Care...

Dr. Andrew Pruitt is one of three honorees in Hour Detroit's Excellence in Care Awards, as well as one of Hour Detroit's 2022 Top...

Stories From Metro Detroit’s Top Docs: Dr. Neena Marupudi | 2022 Excellence in Care...

Dr. Neena Marupudi is one of three honorees in Hour Detroit's Excellence in Care Awards, as well as one of Hour Detroit's 2022 Top...

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Future of Medicine

When it comes to artificial intelligence, Dr. Cornelius James thinks media and pop culture too often portray it as something dangerous that shouldn’t be...

A Look Inside Beaumont’s New Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Diane Moskal waited 14 years to see new parents and their babies get some sunshine.Moskal is retired now, having worked for 37 years at...

How Wearable Technology Saved One Local Girl’s Life

For 12-year-old Imani Miles, her Apple Watch is more than just an accessory. It is what she says saved her life.It was nighttime when...

How Augmented Reality Helps Patients Overcome Phobias

Psychiatrists have found that one of the most effective ways of treating patients with phobias is to expose them to the very thing they...

How 3D Printing is Making Difficult Medical Procedures Easier

In the summer of 2022, a patient came into Henry Ford Hospital with an enormous hole in his heart. The hole was, more technically...
Medical Equity

Moving Medicine Forward: Medical Equity is Possible with Technology

Dr. Norman Beauchamp first witnessed disparities in health care when he was a child. He grew up on a farm near Michigan State University,...
kate walsh hour detroit

Editor’s Letter: Top Doctors List 2022

I knew from the moment my scalpel sliced through the skin of the fetal pig that I did not want to be a surgeon....
Top Docs 2022

Top Docs List 2022

1,000+ of metro Detroit’s leading physicians — nominated by their peers
michigan hospitals abortion

Where Michigan Hospital Systems Stand on Abortion

With legality of abortion still unclear, health providers take differing stances
medical tests

3 Medical Tests that Could Save Your Life

With heart attacks and cancer still topping the charts as the leading causes of death in America, what are we doing about prevention?
ultra-rapid test

4 Local Companies and Individuals Making a Difference in Health Care

These newsmakers are on the cutting edge of the medical community

How the Pandemic Has Transformed Life for Pharmacists

Pharmacists have watched their roles change drastically, due to COVID-19, and there are some things they want you to know
health screenings

The Health Screenings You May Have Missed During the Pandemic

Missed screenings have affected the health of patients of every age

Essay: How Medicine’s Push Toward Breastfeeding Is Harming Families

'Breastfeeding isn’t for everyone. It is not a universal truth that breastfeeding is always the best option or an irrefutably correct opinion...'

TikTok Star Dr. Anthony Youn Administers a Healthy Dose of Laughter

The plastic surgeon talks about leaving the Los Angeles market, internet fame, backlash from the medical community, and more
adolescent mental health 1

There’s a Childhood Mental Health Crisis — Parents and Guardians Can Help

While the pandemic may have ignited an acute crisis, many underlying causes of this epidemic of childhood stress, anxiety, and suicidality are chronic