How to Make Bangkok 96 Street Food’s Gluten-Free Crispy Broccoli

Add flavor to your leafy greens with a dish from this Detroit eatery
crispy broccoli - bangkok 96
Bangkok 96 Street Food’s crispy broccoli

Chef Genevieve Vang’s Bangkok 96 Street Food is known for serving up flavorful Thai dishes. The restaurant, which operates out of Detroit Shipping Co., is sharing the recipe for its gluten-free crispy broccoli. Give it a try using the directions below. 

Bangkok 96 Street Food’s Gluten-Free Crispy Broccoli Recipe  


1 broccoli crown

9 oz Thai Feast Tempura mix

½ cup water

1 cup cooking oil for frying

Dipping sauce:

½ cup mayo

2 tbsp ketchup

1 tbsp lime juice

2 tbsp cane sugar


Heat cooking oil in a medium saucepan. To make the batter, combine the tempera powder and water. Stir and set aside. When oil is ready, dip the broccoli florets into the batter and shake off excess batter. Deep fry battered florets on medium heat, for about a minute or until golden and crisp. Rest the fried broccoli on a plate with a paper towel, to absorb the oil. Combine the sauce ingredients for a sweet and tangy dip.

Bangkok 96 Street Food, 474 Peterboro St., Detroit; 313-979-1601;

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