All About the Zip Sauce

Food blogger and Instagram sensation, Seoung Lee, a.k.a. @chowdowndetroit, says Eddie’s Gourmet in Oak Park arguably makes the best Zip Sauce in town // Photographs by Seoung Lee
Eddie Hanna
Owner Eddie Hanna put the final touch on a pasta bowl.

Oak Park — unlike Ferndale, Royal Oak, and Birmingham — isn’t known as a foodie destination. But hidden away on the corner of Lincoln Street and Greenfield Road is Eddie’s Gourmet, a retro diner with, as the name implies, gourmet dishes. It’s a simple concept that works to perfection.

The interior resembles that of a classic diner, sans the smell of old grease. Large groups might struggle here as most of the seating is by the counter, but I doubt you’ll mind.

Watching owner Eddie Hanna and his talented crew of cooks whip up speciality dishes is a treat for the senses. The cream, butter, and heat flow freely here, all of which I was inexpressibly pleased with.

The menu at Eddie’s offers the standard selection of breakfast items, burgers, sandwiches, and lunch specials, but the real draws here are the gourmet and pasta specials. “Gourmet” offerings include Veal Marsala, Chicken Milano, Shrimp Chardonnay, Chopped Filet, and whitefish. While the “Pasta Specials” menu reads like that of a fine-dining Italian restaurant with selections like Fettuccine Primavera, Penne Scampi, Palomino Vodka, and Roma Pasta.

I ordered two of their most popular dishes: Filet Mignon and Roma Pasta. Hanna suggested I also try the Hawaiian Fries, a chef’s special you won’t find on the menu, and I certainly didn’t decline.

All three dishes featured the magic ingredient at Eddie’s — Hanna’s signature zip sauce, made for all the butter-lovers out there. It’s based upon the popular melted butter-based sauce that originated in Michigan, but every chef has their own version, and many locals name Hanna’s as their favorite.

From left: Hawaiian Fries, Roma Pasta, and Filet Mignon

The Hawaiian Fries truly captured what Hanna’s special zip sauce is all about. Steak fries are draped in the golden butter sauce and topped with red pepper flakes and chopped parsley. They were some of the most unique tasting fries I’ve ever had.

Next up, I dove into the Roma Pasta, the most popular pasta bowl at Eddie’s, and with good reason. Thick rigatoni noodles are tossed in cream, zip sauce, chicken, mushrooms, carrots, and fresh basil. The zip sauce and heavy cream complimented each other to create a satisfyingly rich and savory flavor — far too decadent to share.

Though the fries and pasta were filling, I needed to at least taste the filet covered in zip sauce. I cut into the 8oz.-grilled steak, cooked to perfection, and every bite covered in sauce. Incredible.

25920 Greenfield Rd., Oak Park; 248-968-9869; B, L, D Mon-Sat. Keep up with what’s on Seoung Lee’s plate on Instagram @chowdowndetroit

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