Déjà Food: High Atop The Big City

Back when the top of Renaissance Center was still revolving and the restaurant was called The Summit, I lived in a small town along Lake Michigan. One spring break my two children and I came to the big city, Detroit, to visit the DIA, Henry Ford Museum, and many other sites. For lunch one afternoon we dined at the top of the Renaissance Center.

There were many business people there, but we received excellent service and a delicious meal, despite my son trying to get his hand stuck between the pillars as the restaurant revolved.

The real highlight of the meal was at the end when our waiter arrived with a huge covered platter. When the cover was removed, there was an enormous billow of condensation, owing to dry ice, which amazed and thrilled us. Inside was a complimentary — and delicious — hot fudge sundae.

We have never forgotten our visit to Detroit, the kindness of our waiter, and our wonderful lunch with the surprise finish at The Summit. Many years later, I relocated to the Downriver area and still enjoy taking my children to Detroit when they — long since grown up — come and visit me.

— Lani S. Rozga, Grosse Ile



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