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Inventive brewer Short’s hits milestone and announces plans to distribute outside of Michigan

After more than a decade of being a “Michigan-only” brewery, Joe Short has made the difficult decision to begin distributing his beer and Starcut Ciders divisions outside of Michigan’s borders.

The Bellaire-based company has crafted distinct beers with interesting flavor combinations, and contributed greatly to Michigan’s reputation as “The Great Beer State.”

Even with the production facility that opened in 2009 in Elk Rapids, Short had previously stated his desire to only serve the state that he calls home. But in a letter posted on the company website (see image below), he says he feels a responsibility to the staff and company to expand. He saw the limited shelf space with the increasing number of breweries both in and distributing to Michigan. He sees Short’s as a provider for employees and a community-builder.

“My role is to ensure that we continue to thrive as a business and take care of our staff,” he says. “Over the past couple of years, we have built a dream team of staff and infrastructure needed to produce our hand-crafted beer on a scale that ensures a constant supply to the state of Michigan.  We currently have both the capacity and the personnel to sell more beer and cider than just the Michigan market, without compromising the quality of service to our home state.”

Out of Michigan distribution will begin February 5, although states and markets have not been disclosed.

More Short’s News: Meet Batch 5000

After registering Short’s Brewing Company as a business in 2002, Short’s has grown exponentially and has now achieved a major milestone: 5,000 batches of beer.

To mark the occasion, Short’s is releasing the aptly named Batch 5000.

Batch 5000 is a big-bodied Triple American India Pale Ale with notes of pineapple and orange complemented by a piney hop bitterness. This special release ale clocks in at 75 IBU and 15% ABV.

Says Head Brewer Tony Hansen: “When I started thinking about reaching the milestone of Batch 5K, it brought back a lot of memories of the good old days. A lot of which were celebrated yearly with a variety of huge IPAs brewed in celebration of our first five anniversary parties. So I really felt compelled to take parts and pieces from our best IPAs and create a monster triple IPA.”

Batch 5000 will be sold in limited quantities in 22 oz. bottles, and should start appearing on shelves on January 29.

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