Recipe: The Love Stand

The Stand Gastro Bistro’s adult take on lemonade
Photograph by Bowman Photography

The inspiration for Birmingham’s The Stand Gastro Bistro comes from humble origins. Co-owner John Kelly was having trouble getting his then-9-year-old son to help out around the house. He even set up a neighborhood lemonade stand to make money instead of doing chores. “He went ahead and made the product, and got the cash register, and marketed it,” Kelly says. “I’m looking at my wife, like, ‘Why can’t he just put his clothes in the hamper?’” The name stuck, but Kelly says the lemonade stand’s themes of community run deep: The Stand supports local artists with featured artwork that changes quarterly, and co-owner and executive chef Paul Grosz sources fresh ingredients from local farmers. This summer, they’re featuring the Love Stand, a take on lemonade with Zim’s Vodka, a Warren-based, made-in-Poland spirit.
— Leyland DeVito


2 ounces green tea and strawberry infused Zim’s 81 vodka
½ ounce Campari
¾ ounce lemon juice
½ ounce simple syrup


Mix ingredients well. Serve on ice with a slice of strawberry.