Digital Exhibition to Feature More Than 55 Metro Detroit Art Organizations

Support Cranbrook Museum, Dabls Mbad African Bead Museum, M Contemporary Art, and more from home
art mile
Dabls Mbad African Bead Museum, pictured above, is among the art spaces featured on Art Mile. // Photograph courtesy of the museum

In an effort to support metro Detroit’s vibrant art scene, local gallery Reyes Finn and Cultural Counsel, a New York consultancy focused on contemporary art, design, and architecture, are partnering with Red Bull Arts to launch a new digital exhibition called Art Mile.

Opening on July 29, the interactive website will feature more than 55 galleries, museums, and artist-run spaces, and allow visitors to view and buy artwork. Participating organizations, which are given free access to the platform, include Dark Room Detroit, Detroit Artist Market, Northville Art House, Dabls Mbad African Bead Museum, Cinema Detroit, Cranbrook Museum, M Contemporary Art, and home décor shop Nora.

Art Mile’s mission is to provide local galleries, institutional nonprofits, museums, and artist-run spaces with a forum to strengthen the creative community. “Art Mile aims to continue our city’s long tradition of banding together in resilience, recovery, and collective dreaming, whether in periods of economic crisis or prosperity,” says Terese Reyes, a founding partner of Reyes Finn. “Detroit’s arts community has become the heart of a city bursting with creativity — that’s something worth protecting.”

reyes finn
Bridget Finn (left) and Terese Reyes of art gallery Reyes Finn are working with Cultural Counsel, in partnership with Red Bull Arts, to launch Art Mile. // Photograph by Jeff Wegner, courtesy of Reyes Finn 

The exhibition will kick off with a lineup of live programs on the Art Mile website — — that will run through August 5. The first event is a live-streamed opening night celebration that will feature a DJ set by Detroit techno legend Omar-S. Other events include special exhibitions such as ArtWork, which is a presentation of pieces by the city’s art workers that is co-curated by Jova Lynne and Tizziana Baldenebro, and a series of empty museum tours featuring alternative cultural spaces.

Art Mile, whose advisory board is made up of local community leaders, artists, curators, and patrons of the arts, will also launch a fundraising campaign to benefit 482Forward, Inside Out Detroit, and Living Arts. The three local nonprofits provide access to visual, performing, and literary arts education. “These organizations recognize our communities’ collective responsibility to provide and secure high-quality education for all,” says Bridget Finn, a founding partner of Reyes Finn. “They use the arts as a strategic tool to ignite creativity, empower the voices of Detroit’s youth, and drive the city toward social justice.”