5 Michigan True Crime Podcasts to Listen to Now

Get through social distancing with one of these riveting picks
michigan true crime podcass
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Whether you’re looking for a new show to listen to while working from home, need something other than music to kick off your new exercise routine, or a way to pass time while social distancing, these five Michigan true crime podcasts are guaranteed to capture your interest. 


From journalists at WDIV-Local 4, Shattered offers an in-depth inquiry into complex Southeastern Michigan criminal cases. The podcast has four seasons thus far: season one focuses on the tragic missing Skelton brothers; season two on FBI informant Rick Wershe Jr, known as “White Boy Rick;” season three on the eerie Oakland County Child Killer; and season four on the mysterious disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.

Available on Stitcher.

Sins of Detroit

Hosted by The Detroit News’ George Hunter, Sins of Detroit takes a deep dive into wrongful convictions, including the 2008 imprisonment of Davontae Sanford. In “Bad Science,” the last episode of the first season, Hunter discusses how the Detroit Police Department and crime labs have failed time and time again to document evidence in the correct manner. Although there is only one five-episode season so far, the podcast will have you completely fired up about the misconduct occurring in our own backyard.

Available on Podbay.


Larry Nassar was sentenced in 2017 after hundreds of survivors accused the former osteopathic physician at Michigan State University and USA gymnastics team doctor of sexual abuse. From Michigan radio and NPR, Believed documents how Nassar manipulated others, and questions how the abuse went on as long as it did. Several of Nassar’s victims appear on the podcast, going back in time and bravely recounting their experiences.

Available on NPR.

You’re Killing Me, Grand Rapids

You’re Killing Me, Grand Rapids’ hosts Dara Garvin and Kenny Cutler discuss local lore and death in their hometown of Grand Rapids and other nearby cities. Topics cover the Craiglist Killer, Grand Rapids Grim Reaper, even ghosts with the coverage of the Ghost of Grand Rapids walking tour and the haunted halls of the city’s St. Cecilia Music Center.

Available on Apple Podcasts.

Already Gone

Since 2016, Michigan native Nina Innsted has covered stories of the missing and murdered with her podcast Already Gone. Episodes are uploaded every two weeks, and, with over 130 episodes available, there is plenty of material to listen though. Although Innsted moved to Georgia recently, she continues to speak about events that have and continue to impact Michigan.

Available on Apple Podcasts.