New Corktown Taphouse Set to Open This Year

This family-friendly taphouse will offer a variety of food and drink selections in a conveniently comfortable location.
Duck pin lanes will be offered at Corktown Taphouse. // Photograph courtesy of Brunswick, the organization that builds the lanes.

Developers of Perennial Corktown apartments has announced that their third retailer, Corktown Taphouse, will open later this year. The taphouse introduces a family-friendly environment with duck-pin lanes, a wide selection of tap beer, dart walls, and more.

Corktown Taphouse will offer a variety of drink selections including 70 self-service taps, with 60 taps dedicated to beer and another 20 taps dedicated to wine and seltzers. There will also be bartending services for cocktails and a diverse assortment of food from two separate kitchens.

Co-owner Ron Moore and his wife had been thinking about starting a business since Ron’s retirement. Their son, Mitchell, told them about Corktown. As they began touring the area and researching the growth of the neighborhood, they knew it would be the right fit.

“My wife, son, and I wanted to create something that can be a focal point in the community,”

said Ron Moore, founder, and developer of Corktown Taphouse, in a press release. “We want to be a part of Corktown and to make the space welcoming and fun for everyone in the neighborhood.”

In addition to the taphouse, Perennial Corktown offers other essential retail options for the neighborhood including Corktown Market, a bodega-style grocery store, and Haraz Coffee, a Yemeni-inspired coffee shop.

Hunter Pasteur, the Forbes Company, and Oxford Capital Group are developers of the Perennial Corktown apartments where the Taphouse is housed.

“We’re excited to introduce Corktown Taphouse to the residents and neighbors of Corktown,” said Randy Wertheimer, CEO of Hunter Pasteur, in a press release. “Corktown Taphouse brings something unique to Perennial Corktown and the neighborhood. This adds so much to our resident’s living experience and gives the neighborhood a new space to relax and enjoy with friends and family.”

Construction on the taphouse is currently underway and doors are projected to open late this summer.

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