Blake’s Introduces New Hard Cider to Benefit LGBTQ Civil Rights Organization

The tropical blend is the first installment in the brand’s Kinder Cider Series

Blake’s Hard Cider, based in Armada, has announced its newest cider, Rainbow Seeker, which will benefit The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a leading LGBTQ civil rights organization. Proceeds from sales of the cider will fund a $40,000 donation to HRC, which will be used fund civil rights and equality programs.

The cider is the first installment in Blake’s Kinder Cider series, which aims to bring awareness to social and environmental issues.

“Our brand has grown quickly, and with that evolution comes opportunity to make a difference and to bring awareness to social and environmental issues that have great personal and communal meaning,” says  Andrew Blake, owner and founder of Blake’s Hard Cider, in a release. “As with everything we do at Blake’s, we’ll do what we believe is right.”

The semi-sweet blend, infused with real pineapple and a hint of sage, will be available on tap at select locations on April 27 and features a 5.5 percent ABV. In May, customers will find the tropical cider available in six-packs at most midwest Meijer locations and all Michigan Krogers.

Blake’s has also announced that it will partner with retailers, distributors, and other businesses to host events during Gay Pride Month in June and in the fall for National Coming Out Day.

“We’ll produce 120,000 cans and we’ll distribute those cans to 19 states,” said Blake. “We see it as 120,000 great opportunities to encourage people to be kind, support equality and simply be good to one another.”

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