4 Local Brands Offering Cannabis-infused Confections and Beverages

Whether for recreational or medicinal use, these treats are on the rise.
From chocolates to gummies, sweet treats infused with CBD, hemp, or THC offer new ways to reap the health (and social) benefits of cannabis. // Photograph by Stacy Feyer-Salo Photography.

Looking for a way to experience a high  without the smell of flower or smoking a vape? Cannabis edibles may be the way to go, and these days there are plenty of different flavor options to choose from. Marijuana brownies are always popular, but now you can choose marijuana-infused cookies, fudge, gummies, and even drinks.

Not sure what sounds good or where to start? Give these four brands a try.

Detroit Edible Co.

Made with Michigan-grown cannabis and crafted right here in metro Detroit, each product by Detroit, Edible Co. takes the “made in Michigan” concept to the next level. The line of cannabis extract-infused treats ranges from mint-flavored chocolate bars and cinnamon toast crispies to pantry staples such as honey and peanut butter. Detroit Edible Co. Guppy Gummies, detroitedibles.com for retailers. 

Little Saints

Those looking to ease their way into the world of CBD should consider Little Saints. The female-owned company is committed to crafting canned mocktails with botanical ingredients. Each beverage is infused with terpenes for mood-boosting effects, reishi mushroom extract for improved resilience and a feeling of calm, and hemp-derived CBD for a fast-acting, “take-the-edge-off” feeling. Each of the four flavors, Negroni Spritz, Spicy Margarita, Paloma, and Ginger Mule are based on classic cocktails — sans the alcohol. Little Saints Paloma and Ginger Mule Plant Magic Mocktails, $60 for a pack of 12, and $115 for a case of 24, and $150 for a case of 36 at littlesaints.com.


In 2020, this California-based brand by acclaimed pastry chef Rachel King expanded its cannabis edibles into the Michigan market. Today, Kaneh offers indulgent munchies, such as the 24K Brownie, a decadent brownie laced with butter and 10 milligrams of THC from cannabis per-serving, and coated with a dusting of gold powder. Plus, sea salt chocolate chip cookies, PB& J blondies, fruit gummies, mint chocolate truffle bars, and much more. Kaneh, kanehedibles.com for retailers.


Launched in October 2021, Happi crafts fizzy waters infused with cannabis extract and organic juice blends. The Lemon Elderflower, a refreshing, citrusy sip, is 15 calories and contains just 3 grams of sugar — but like all Happi beverages, it is said to evoke the same light buzz as a serving of wine, without the empty caloric intake. Other flavors include Raspberry Honeysuckle, Pomegranate Hibiscus, and lime wild mint. Happi Lemon Elderflower, happihourdrink.com for retailers.

This story is featured in the December 2021 issue of Hour Detroit magazine. It has been updated for 2024. Read more stories in our digital edition.