Eyewear Brands Gamer Advantage and Genusee Release Collection

The Michigan companies have partnered on a line of blue light glasses
Genusee x Gamer Advantage (1)
The Genusee x Gamer Advantage collection is now available to shop online. // Photograph courtesy of Genusee

Michigan-based eyewear brands Genusee and Gamer Advantage are collaborating just in time for Earth Month. Available starting today, the limited-edition, sustainable collection includes stylish eyewear designs for gamers as well as other folks who spend a lot of time in front of a screen.

The Gamer Advantage X Genusee glasses feature Genusee’s sustainable frames — each pair is crafted from 15 up-cycled water bottles — and Gamer Advantage’s patented blue-light lenses, which are intended to help with issues such as digital eye strain, blurred vision, and overexposure to blue light. Glasses come in the colors Classic Black, Cookies n’ Cream, Crystal Fog, Secret Red, and Bronze, and are available in two lens options: Suppressor Lens and Sleeper Lens.

According to the brands, the Suppressor option is a true-color clear lens that is best for those who clock in four hours of screen time a day while interacting with others. It is said to increase productivity. The Sleeper option is considered the most popular choice for streamers and is best for those with spend than eight hours a day in front of a screen or who are using screens within three hours of bedtime. Studies show that this type of lens, which enhances colors without distortion, can improve quality of sleep.

Genusee Gamer Advantage
Genusee CEO Ali Rose Van Overbeke (left) and Gamer Advantage CEO Bryan Reedy. // Photograph courtesy of Genusee

Genusee is a Flint-based company that was founded by CEO Ali Rose Van Overbeke in 2018 in response to the Flint Water Crisis. Gamer Advantage, which is based in Walled Lake and was started by CEO Bryan Reedy in 2019, is dedicated to creating eyewear that improves the well-being of gamers.

“I had heard about Genusee and the awesome things they were doing for the environment,” says Reedy in a press release. “I knew they were based in Flint, Michigan so I thought hey, why not send the CEO a message. Honestly, I was floored at how it took 15 reusable water bottles to make one pair of glasses. I had no idea what would come of this collaboration, but after connecting with Ali, I knew this was meant to be…”

While Van Overbeke says she wasn’t initially familiar with “gamer glasses,” she also quickly found value in the collaboration. “When Bryan reached out, my first thought was, “What are gamer glasses?” but then I realized that it was no different than a football helmet, or a seatbelt in a car,” she says in a press release.  “What Bryan was creating was a fashionable piece of safety equipment to help promote better sleep and reduce fatigue when sitting on screens for a long time.  I figured, if it’s good enough for a gamer, it will probably work for me, and after trying it for a few weeks, I was right. Bryan has something different here.”

The glasses retail for $170 to $200. Each order comes in co-branded packaging and is paired with a custom box and polishing cloth. A portion of each sale will be donated to environmental nonprofits based in Michigan.

For more information and to shop, visit gameradvantage.com.