Old Soul Vintage Owner Mary Capicchioni Shares Her Love for Fashion

In this month’s MI Style, the local store owner talks her favorite decade, her personal stye, and more
Mary Capicchioni old soul vintage
Mary Capicchioni poses at Old Soul Vintage, where she got her top and platform sandals. She’s also wearing a corset made by local audio engineer Keaton Butler and trousers from Nordstrom.

Mary Capicchioni has been growing her presence in the local vintage fashion community for nearly a decade. The 27-year-old Macomb native launched her shop, Old Soul Vintage, in 2014 from her home. After years of pop-ups, Capicchioni opened her brick-and-mortar in Detroit’s Cass Corridor in 2020.

Locals can find apparel and accessories from every decade of the 20th century (and some occasional Y2K items) at the shop as well as on Depop, Etsy, and Poshmark. Capicchioni and her team also produce seasonal, music-influenced editorials with the help of local photographers, models, and makers. (An example: Check out the shop’s recent Valentine’s Day look book, “Songs to Make Whoopee to,” inspired by hits from Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and The Doors.) 

Here, Capicchioni talks all things vintage — and more. 

My personal style: I love to draw inspiration from the 1960s, 1970s. I love layering, so turtlenecks, leather jackets, band tees, high-waisted jeans, and some boots are usually my go-tos for the fall and winter. Spring and summer, I love to wear a fit-and-flare dress and a T-shirt over [it]. Or like a little mod mini with some boots. 

My favorite decade: The music, movies, fashion — I feel connected to [the ‘60s].. … People were just coming into their own and experimenting for the first time since like the 1920s. Like really diving into themselves. And that reflected in their style: bell bottoms, fur hats, feathered hats, paisley button-ups, no bras — there’s so many different aspects of that time. And then you start to see jumpsuits and paper dresses. A lot of the silhouettes that we’ve seen in the ’60s are still relevant today. Just making your own interpretation of how you want to be perceived — or not be perceived at all.

Where I shop: Lost and Found Vintage was one of the first places that really got me into vintage [clothing]. Also, being in the vintage community, I try to support everyone that I possibly can. So, Flamingo Vintage, Fleatroit [Junk City], The Velvet Tower, [local fashion and costume designer] Nabeela Najjar.

My favorite tattoo is … My Jimi Hendrix. There’s like purple haze around him — it’s really freakin’ sweet. Literally, I get chills thinking about him; he completely transformed the world of music just by playing the guitar. [The tattoo] was done by Josh Barg at Electric Park Tattoo. They’re located in Eastern Market. Really great people — I have a lot of really good tattoos by them. Josh even went so far as to put little flowers in his blouse. 

Where I go for a good time: Hamtramck for sure is always fun. I love going to Bumbo’s and smaller dive bars. Outer Limits is always a good time. Also, The Painted Lady and Marble Bar [in Detroit]. One of my good friends lives in Southwest, and we just hang out and go to taco trucks, and Donovan’s [Pub] is just right down the way. There are just so many great places here in Detroit to just have fun. 

Check out Capicchioni’s shop, Old Soul Vintage, at shopoldsoulvintage.com.

This story is from the May 2022 issue of Hour Detroit. Read more stories in our digital edition. And click here for more MI Style.