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I write this email after having read your article several times last night (“A Mission for Medicine,” February 2014). It was exactly what we were hoping for! It shared with the reader how the extremely rare cases in America are commonplace in Kenya — and that most of the population doesn’t have the access to care and often die from easily treatable conditions. To be told of Isaac’s devastating condition, how he had lived with it for so long, how our physicians did the best that they could, and he could still die … brought forth the need for more help. The entire story kept building upon why there is such a great need for a Westernized hospital. Monica [Mercer], I can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort you have put into Kenya Relief … you are our family now.
— Elizabeth Studley (Editor’s note: Studley is a nurse who helped organize the Detroit volunteer team.)


George Bulanda’s article about the much-neglected — at least by the DIA — African-American artist LeRoy Foster (“Bigger Than Life,” February 2014) is excellent. One can only hope that Foster, whom I met as a young teenage artist myself at 19 in 1955, finally gets the long-overdue museum recognition that his work deserves. There was a time when his murals were an important contribution to many Detroit buildings and landmarks. Hour is again to be congratulated for its recognition, support, and reclamation of gifted artists.
—Charles Alexander, Scarab Club Board of Directors

// Thank you for writing such a wonderful article. It is respectful and warm-hearted. The photographs are crisp and engaging. Through the voices of his friends and your thoughtful writing, you really brought LeRoy to life for me, as I never had the opportunity to meet him.
— Patrina Chatman, Curator of Exhibitions, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History


We received the magazines and wow — what an incredible job your team did! Thank you so much for your help in designing such an eloquent and powerful spread (“Warming Trend,” February 2014).
— Erika George, communications manager, The Empowerment Plan


Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the gluten-free recipe you published (“Gluten-free Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookie and Ginger-Pomegranate Ice Cream Sandwiches,” February 2014). Woo-hoo! Can’t wait to try it! Hoping to see more gluten-free recipes in upcoming issues.
— Renee’ in Troy


Am dumbstruck paging through your February issue, whose ads generally follow your cover story: bridal fashion and wedding planning. Not one black bride. Not in a catering ad, a floral ad, a photography ad, a salon ad, a venue ad. Not in your photographic shoot nor your wedding coverage. Hour Detroit? This is a humbling epiphany for me as a white woman.
— Mary Adzigian