Déjà Food

Elephants don’t do seafood?

During the 1980 Republican National Convention, which was held in Detroit, I got a craving for some simply prepared fish. My wife and I were longtime devotees of the original Joe Muer’s on Gratiot Avenue in Detroit, enjoying their faultless seafood and service. But we thought the conventioneers would have all the downtown eateries monopolized. So we pulled out the Yellow Pages and tried to come up with an acceptable alternative. Nothing sounded satisfactory. Finally, we decided we would brave the crowd and head on down to our favorite place. Apparently, Republicans in 1980 did not eat much seafood. We had the restaurant almost to ourselves. I don’t think there were more than a half-dozen tables occupied. Needless to say, with a full staff and almost no customers, the service was beyond extraordinary — and I can still taste the excellent grilled halibut fillet I savored that night. — Dan Woitulewicz, Detroit

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