McClure’s Unique Bloody Mary Recipes

Photographs by Cybelle Codish

Ladylike mimosas don’t quite cut it when the brunch is for your old man. Father’s Day food and drink, beginning at the eggs-and-bacon hour, calls for offerings with a bit more heft.

McClure’s, the Detroit pickle maker with a product line that ranges from relish to flavored potato chips, produces a Spicy Bloody Mary Mix with appropriately macho appeal. The vegetable blend, sold at Detroit Eastern Market and various retailers (see for locations) serves as the base for six unorthodox Bloody Mary recipes devised by McClure’s — just to keep taste buds entertained. McClure’s concoctions include the “Southbound,” pictured here.

If the father you’re honoring has to drive the kids to a soccer game instead of lounging on the patio, McClure’s mix on its own serves as a bracing pre-game virgin cocktail of spicy pickle brine, tomato paste, fresh pressed cucumber juice, and other fresh ingredients.

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