Vinsetta Grill and The Bar

Restaurant veteran Molly Abraham noshes around town, tracking down some top spots
Vinsetta Grill and The Bar
The Bar’s carnitas tacos – pulled pork, tomato pesto, and avocado cream. Photograph by Joe Vaughn

Vinsetta Grill: Ron Rea has just applied his décor skills to this bar and grill on the Woodward strip, a classic neighborhood spot with booths and tables in a two-room setting that has a Frank Lloyd Wright feeling with its geometric lamps and burnished wood. The menu includes an array of ribs, including baby backs, the sweeter St. Louis-style ribs, which may also be had with a hot rather than sweet sauce. There are build-your-own burgers and such sides as ranch-style beans, onion strings, and sweet potato fries. 28028 Woodward, Royal Oak; 248-543-2626. L & D daily. $15 H

The Bar: With his Gravity Bar & Grill and Hector & Jimmy’s already Milford destinations, Jim Eggl has come up with a third spot he describes as a gastro-pub. It has a casual atmosphere with food that rises above the expected level, and that taps right into what people want these days. The menu includes creative sandwiches and an array of burgers, as well as fish tacos, sweet potato hash, and the obligatory steak. 224 S. Main, Milford; 248-685-7300. L & D daily.  $10 H

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