Snowkiting is a Winter-Weather ‘Adrenaline Rush’

When a cold wind blows, why not catch it?
Mark Kuban Snowkiting Across Belle Isle
Mark Kuban, director of Motor City Kite and Surf, snowkiting across Belle Isle

When the Lakes freeze over and the rains turn to snow, Mark Kuban breaks out his most colorful kites for his favorite winter pasttime: snowkiting. Kuban, who has been running East Tawas-based Motor City Kite and Surf since 2006, lets extreme sports enthusiasts in on his secrets through group and private snowkiting lessons near Lake St. Clair and a number of locations across the lower peninsula. (Lessons can be booked at

When a snowstorm created ideal conditions here in November, Kuban jumped at the chance to sail across the fresh powder. He’s pictured gliding across Belle Isle with the Motor City skyline and Detroit River in the background. “It’s not often that you get [this type of] snow in Detroit, so I had to capitalize on it,” he says. “Snowkiting is an adrenaline rush.”